Dog in Massachusetts wins $35,000 car by making hole-in-one

Dog who made hole-in-one. (Facebook/Quirk Auto Dealer)
Dog who made hole-in-one. (Facebook/Quirk Auto Dealer)

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Hell yes, that's a real headline. OK, it was a man dressed as a dog, but still!

According to a man dressed as a dog made a hole-in-one at Presidents Golf Course in Quincy, Mass. that was good for a $35,000 car.

One problem, the sponsor wouldn't give him the car because the the person who set up the course didn't measure the length of the par 3 correctly. 


"The hole was meant to measure 185 yards in length. However, whomever put the course set up together dropped the ball and set the hole to the length of 160 yards.

Initially, Quirk (the car company) wasn't going to cough up the car because the hole's measurement wasn't what it was supposed to be.

Naturally, the dog/man's friend then took to Reddit, as often happens in these cases of perceived wrongdoing, and made his case."

I'm pretty sure Reddit was created for the sole purpose of taking up for dogs who make holes-in-one and are unjustly deprived of their winnings.

Quirk responded on Facebook:

"Hello Facebook - We will be awarding our Golf Tournament Winner a Brand new Ford Fusion. We want to let you know that we did indeed buy insurance and the official rules of the contest were not exactly followed (for one he's a dog). That said we think that our winner had 'one hell of a great shot!' and the outfit was second to none! Congratulations Cujo! Come Forward and claim your prize!"

I think the dog dig was a joke. Either way, what a story.

Also, Ford Fusions cost $35,000?!

h/t Eric Kay

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