European Tour golfer faces possible expulsion

Simon Dyson might be playing more in the US soon. (USATSI)
Simon Dyson might be playing more in the US soon. (USATSI)

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Simon Dyson was disqualified from a European Tour tournament last week for fixing a mark in his putting line. He signed an incorrect scorecard after, you guessed it, a viewer called in and alerted rules officials as to what happened. 

You can clearly see the gaffe here. After Dyson marks his ball he picks it up and proceeds to pat down a spike mark with it.

The disqualification might be the least of his worries, though. The European Tour is talking about expelling him for good.

According to BBC European Tour officials will look further into a "serious breach" of the Tour's code of behavior by Dyson. This seems a little extreme, I think, but that's what's happening.

Here's how it works:

"The disciplinary procedure states: 'If, at the conclusion of an investigation into an alleged breach of the code by a member, it is evident that a serious breach of the code may have occurred, then a disciplinary hearing shall take place before an independent disciplinary panel.'"

So it sounds like it will be a fairly lengthy process.

Dyson maintains it was an honest mistake.

"I have never deliberately broken the rules, either on this occasion or in the past," said Dyson.

"It was only after I was shown the replay of my action after marking the ball on the eighth green during the second round that I realised what I had done and that I was in breach.

"I immediately accepted that I should be disqualified."

It would be pretty shocking to me if they actually expelled me because it seems like the only way they could do that is, as Brandel Chamblee tried to do recently with Tiger Woods, climb inside his mind and determine intent.

That's not a precedent you want to set as an organization nor a path I think you want to walk down.

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