Remember when John Daly ripped St. Andrews to shreds in 1995?

John Daly, champion golfer of 1995. (YouTube)
John Daly, champion golfer of 1995. (YouTube)

The Open Championship has been played at the Old Course at St. Andrews eight times since 1965. Let's quickly recap your winners of those eight tournaments. Tiger Woods (twice), Jack Nicklaus (twice), Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Louis Oosthuizen and ... John Daly.

Wait, John Daly?!

Yep, Long John shot 282 and won this thing back in 1995 after Constantino Rocca produced one of the more improbable shots to get into a playoff on the 72nd hole. Daly then proceeded to give a series of quotes to Sports Illustrated that would make 2015 golf writers weep with joy. 

A sampling:

Battling sugar cravings that stem from his ongoing recovery from alcoholism, he was a consuming mass, a moveable feast, swallowing not only huge chunks of yardage but also every Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chocolate-chip muffin the Old Course could sell him. "They're those good kind," he said. "The kind you can get at Shell stations back home."

Can you imagine Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy saying something like that?

In fact, somebody asked Daly at midweek what he might do if he won and was asked to join the R&A. "I ain't joinin' if there's rules and crap," he said. "I hate them rules and crap." Besides, he would have more important things to consider. A buddy back in Arkansas had promised to shave his head if Daly won. "Hell, I might do it too," Daly said.

I hope he was wearing one of those Arkansas Razorback headgear things as he said this. That's the only thing that could make it better.

Four back when the round began, Daly was feeling just right. He ate "five or six chocolate croissant things" for breakfast, he said, and then he and his wife, Paulette, danced crazily in their room to Wilson Pickett CDs. "I tell you, I love my wife probably more 'n golf," he would say later. Said Paulette, "He sure didn't seem nervous."

I want more!

What an Open.

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