Rory McIlroy's length is more than Tiger Woods ever had says one pro

Rory McIlroy is crushing the ball in Colorado. (Getty Images)
Rory McIlroy is crushing the ball in Colorado. (Getty Images)

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a hot sports take given that, you know, golf equipment has changed slightly over the last decade, but Erik Compton said on Wednesday that Rory McIlroy is longer off the tee than Tiger Woods in 2000.

"What I saw today was very comparable to what I saw playing with Tiger in 2000, except Rory has more power," Compton said. "Rory is a lot longer than Tiger ever was. The biggest difference is Rory hits his driver better. I have never seen anybody with that kind of power and control, period."

The stats back it up, too. McIlroy is averaging 310.4 yards off the tee while Tiger averaged 298.0 off the tee in 2000.

You do have to wonder if Tiger had Rory's driver in 2000, though, if he'd be 12 yards longer. Still, I agree that Woods never had the control that McIlroy has. But the stats don't back that up.

Tiger in 2000: 71 percent of fairways hit
McIlroy in 2014: 60 percent of fairways hit 

Either way, McIlroy is long as hell. Especially in the thin air of Colorado where he's been routinely hitting 400-yard drives.

"I did hit a 3-wood today 370," he said. "So, that was pretty good. But the ball is going forever. It really is. Obviously, the altitude, and then it heated up for us on back nine, as well. So, it's going a good, for me, because of my high ball flight, it's going to good 15 percent further than it usually does."

A 3-wood 370 yards!

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