Sergio Garcia plays poker for $2M; calls Rafa Nadal most famous friend

Rafa Nadal and Sergio Garcia share a moment. (GettyImages)

The Guardian recently sat down for an awesome one-on-one with Sergio García about what he's doing, who he hangs with and why he's playing poker for $2 million.

You should read the full article, but here my three favorite parts (I was stunned at how candid García was):

1. Here we are in The Bahamas, surrounded by blue lagoons, luxury yachts, January temperatures in the mid-20s and you're playing poker for $2m. Where did it all go wrong? Ha ha. I was. I was playing poker.

So poker is your thing now? It's nice to have other hobbies, other than golf. I've played football, I play tennis. I enjoy doing things other than golf, and poker is one of them.

2. On fist bump celebrations. I don't do the potato [mimes the fist bump]. Nah. I'll high five, but that's too American. I'm European.

A clench? Yeah. One of those or a high five, but not a … [Sergio contorts his face to portray maximum disgust as he motions a fist bump.]

3. Who is the most famous person you have in your mobile phone? [Long think] I don't know. Um. I mean, obviously Rafa [Nadal], I have his number. Michael Phelps? I saw him at the Ryder Cup, briefly, but then we saw each other here and we talked.

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