Tiger Woods on when he'll be back: 'I really don't know'

Tiger Woods sounds like he's still a long way from returning. (Getty Images)
Tiger Woods sounds like he's still a long way from returning. (Getty Images)

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Tiger Woods and me. Just two dudes blogging about golf.

Well, he likely dictates to someone who makes 100x what I make and never has to touch the actual keyboard, but still.

Woods blogged on his website TigerWoods.com on Monday about how much he was missing being at the Players Championship and gave a non-update update on how his rehab was going:

"My recovery from microdiscectomy surgery for a pinched nerve in my back is coming along, but it's a very slow process. I'm still sore. Not from the procedure itself but the incision. I just need to get back to my day-to-day activities, and that's it.

"One reassuring thing from my medical exam is I have zero arthritic changes whatsoever. I've kept myself in very good shape over the years, and it has paid off. 

"I made the decision to have surgery because physically I just couldn't make a golf swing. That pretty much sums it up."

Woods also noted that he watched the Masters and was rooting for Fred Couples (who wasn't?) and thinks Augusta is easier on long lefties.

He made mention of how missing Augusta wasn't as tough as it seems.

"Not being able to play in the Masters for the first time wasn't as hard for me as you might think. I've missed major championships before, so this was not a new experience. It helps when I'm physically unable to play the game."

And the question on everyone's mind -- when will you be back, Tiger?

"I really don't know. I'm doing everything I can and listening to my doctors and working on a strength program, and then we just have to see how my back is. Some people heal up in three months, some people take four months, some people take longer. I just don't know. As I've said several times, I hope to be back sometime this summer, but I just don't know when.

"I haven't used a sand wedge yet. I've just done putting and chip-and-runs using the same length of motion. I haven't really rotated yet."

This on having putting contests with his kids was probably my favorite line of the entire lengthy post.

"If Sam and Charlie beat me, they're going to earn it. That's how Pop was with me, and I think that's how it should be."

There was mention that Tony Romo had the same back procedure as Woods but strangely no mention of Graham DeLaet who, you know, is a golfer who had the same procedure.

Nothing Woods posted was revolutionary -- still no date for a comeback -- but it's always nice to hear from the world No. 1.

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