Volunteer at AT&T National severely cuts neck in golf cart accident

An extremely scary situation happened early Friday morning at the AT&T National when a volunteer marshall drove his golf cart into a rope and severely cut his neck to the point that he had to be rushed to the hospital. 

The volunteer was driving his golf cart when he hit a nylon rope, according to the Washington Post, and it cut two arteries on both sides of his neck. 

The report said he was "bleeding profusely," which is scary enough, but luckily the people around him were quick to the punch, wrapping a jacket around his neck and immediately calling 911. Still no word on how stable the gentleman is.

“He’d been going full force,” said Rick Elion, a doctor from Bethesda who happened to be nearby. “The twine hit him just below the chin.”

If you've ever been to a golf tournament, you know how many ropes there are in areas that aren't normally blocked off. If a guy drove this area a lot, he might not be paying much attention, and then you hit something like this going fast and it could be fatal. 

Thoughts are with the man for a speedy and full recovery. 

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