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Masters Hole-by-Hole


No. 14 - Chinese Fir

Yards: 440
Par: 4

This is the only hole on the course without a bunker. Even if the drive avoids trees on both sides of the fairway, the green has severe contours that feed the ball to the right.

Stuart Appleby's take: "The tee shot at 14 was trickier back in the 90's because you had to hook the ball into a left-to-right fairway. Now it's almost a straight tee shot. If you get it in the fairway, most likely the center right, you're left with multiple pin options. There's hardly any you can get it within 10 feet deliberately. Most of the time, you find yourself with that left-to-right fairway slope and need to aim well left of the flag because the ball tends to drift for right-handers left to right. One of the most dynamic greens on the course. Being short is an absolute no-no -- basically it's a bogey 80 percent of the time. Long is the best miss, chipping from long isn't too difficult. But there's a lot going on there. It's very important to be precise with your alignment on that second shot because of the slope of the fairway and the severity of the green."

Famous Moment: No other par 4 at the Masters has yielded more eagles. Dustin Johnson's in 2009 was the most recent.

Hall of Shame: Fred Couples had a 4-foot birdie putt to pull within one shot of Phil Mickelson in the final round of 2006. He three-putted for a bogey and tied for third.

Source: Associated Press

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