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Masters Hole-by-Hole


No. 16 - Redbud

Yards: 170
Par: 3

The hole is played entirely over water and eventually bends to the left. Two bunkers guard the right side, and the green slopes significantly from right to left. The Sunday pin typically is back and on the lower shelf, and pars from the top shelf that day are rare.

Rich Beem's take: "Sixteen is a mid-length par 3. Tee shot mostly over water, but it doesn't come into play a lot. It depends on the pin placement. Front left and back left, you could make a mistake. What really makes the hole tough is the undulation of the green. It's a big sweeping, right to left, crescent moon shaped green with a big ridge running up the face on the right and flattening out on top. They put two of the most diabolical pins I've ever seen on the right side where if you try to get it anywhere near the hole, you're risking a high number. The prudent play is to hit the center of the green and make a long putt. Any time you make 3, you're doing good. Back left pin placements, you can have some fireworks."

Famous Moment: With a one-shot lead in the final round of 2005, Tiger Woods hit a pitch from behind the green that went up the ridge, made a U-turn and rolled back toward the hole and hung on the lip for two seconds before the ball took a final turn and dropped for birdie.

Hall of Shame: Billy Casper, playing the Masters a final time at age 73 in 2005, hit five balls into the water and made a 14. It was the highest score on any hole in the Masters. Casper declined to turn in his card and the tournament did not recognize his score of 106.

Source: Associated Press

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