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Masters Hole-by-Hole


No. 2 - Pink Dogwood

Yards: 575
Par: 5

A dogleg left that can be reached in two by the big hitters. A fairway bunker on the right comes into play. A big drive kept down the left side shortens the hole, but leaves a downhill lie to a green guarded by two deep bunkers in the front. It is the only par 5 that has not yielded an albatross.

Trevor Immelman's take: "Left dogleg. The tee is stretched back a little bit. You used to be able to get it to that right bunker. It's got to be 315, 320 (yards) to the right bunker now. You need to get a little unlucky to hit it in there. So you aim straight at it, hit it as hard as you can. The only thing you don't want to do is go left. If you go left, you might never come out of there -- 50 foot drop into flowers and a little stream ... I've been down there, not pretty. If you hit a good drive and get it just left of the bunker, depending on where the flag is, you might have a cut at that green. If the flags on the left side, you might want to hit just right of the bunker and chip straight up the hill. Flags on the back right, which it will be on Sunday, the left bunker is not too bad. You have to hit a great pitch there to get away with your four."

Famous Moment: Phil Mickelson made a birdie like no other in 2003 -- a drive so far left it went into a drainage ditch. He took a penalty drop, then hit driver off the pine straw to the front of the green and made a 90-foot putt.

Hall of Shame: David Duval hit into the ditch to the left, took two penalty shots before he escaped, and made a 10 in 2006.

Source: Associated Press

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