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Masters Hole-by-Hole


No. 7 - Pampas

Yards: 450
Par: 4

This hole literally has come a long way, from 320 yards to 450 yards. The tee recently was extended by 40 yards, and some trees were trimmed slightly on the left side. The tee shot is through a chute of Georgia pines, played to the left-center of the fairway into a slight slope. The green is surrounded by five bunkers, the most around any green.

Charles Howell III's take: "No. 7 has changed dramatically in the last few years. It was one of the greatest short holes that we would play all year. Now it's not a short hole anymore. Now it forces you to hit driver off the tee. It definitely gets your attention off the tee because it's the first time you see tree lines on both sides. It feels fairly claustrophobic. Plus, in the back of your mind, you know you got to hit the fairway to get the ball to the green. The front bunkers don't allow you to run it up. The ideal tee shot is up the right center. Once you're down there, you won't get a flat lie... it just won't happen. The second shot there is a perfect Augusta National Catch 22 scenario in that you have to get the ball up there to the green, but the green is so shallow that long is death. Getting the ball pin high is so important. Par is one hell of a score."

Famous Moment: Ernie Els is the only player to make an eagle from the fairway in two tournaments -- 1997 and 2003.

Hall of Shame: Defending champion Charles Coody, coming off an ace on the sixth hole, struggled to get out of the front bunker and took a triple-bogey 7 in the first round of 1972.

Source: Associated Press

Flyovers from Augusta National

2014 Cumulative Stats
CourseAugusta National Golf Club
Stroke Avg4.253
Double Eagles0
Double Bogeys11
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