Masters Hole-by-Hole


No. 8 - Yellow Jasmine

Yards: 570
Par: 5

An accurate drive is important to avoid the fairway bunker on the right side. The hole is uphill and features trouble left of the green. There are no bunkers around the green, just severe mounding.

Charles Howell III's take: "No. 8 has a completely different look after No. 7. It looks pretty wide open, but not as much as you think. The right bunker is not carriable anymore as it was in years past when the fairway played a lot bigger. Now you have to take it just left of that right bunker. But too far left, the ball can actually run through easily into the pine straw. So ideal drive is still right center, flirting with the bunker a little bit. The second shot plays tricks with you. If you go for the green in two, the trees on the left seem to grab a lot of balls. There's more room right than you think, but you can't let it run pin high or past pin high right of the green because of the chipping over massive mounds. You need to decide in the fairway whether you want to turn it around the corner to get your second on the green, or lay it back 60, 70, 80 yards for a wedge shot. If you got a back left flag there, with a wedge, you're licking your chops. But top right is one of the hardest flags on the course. You can't get a wedge near it. That's one of the pins where you'll see the best players play short left and take an 80 yard wedge shot. You just can't imagine how fast a putt is from the center of the green to a front pin placement."

Famous Moment: Bruce Devlin is the only player with an albatross, holing a 4-wood from 248 yards during the first round in 1967.

Hall of Shame: Tony Lema took double bogey in the opening round of 1963 and shot 74. He eventually finished one shot behind Jack Nicklaus.

Source: Associated Press

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