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Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Posted on: October 28, 2009 1:13 am
Edited on: October 28, 2009 1:25 am

A 1-6 record.

Four offensive touchdowns in the first seven games.

One of the most lopsided point differentials in the NFL.

It's easy to look at Eric Mangini's Cleveland Browns and write this year off as another wasted season. The Browns have failed to generate everything from points to a pass rush, and many Cleveland faithful have given up on the team as a result.

Except for me.

Why? Because this season, in all of it's fallibility, isn't about 2009.

It's about 2010 and beyond.

If you ask Eric Mangini about the Browns' horrendous start to the season, it won't be long until you hear him mention the word, "process." Mangini has spoken of this process since the beginning of training camp, but has yet to specify exactly what that process entails. He did, however, shed some light on the situation Monday during his weekly press conference with the media.

"Any time you take over a new situation with a new group, you understand that it's a process," Mangini said.

"You can't lose sight of that. You can't lose sight of what is important. To me, that's improvement, that's progress, and I really felt that over the last three weeks we had made a lot of progress, in terms of how to play the way that we want to play."

Eric Mangini's process centers on two important concepts: progression and improvement. In order to bring a winning football team to Cleveland, Mangini will rely on his players' continued development as Browns.

Browns owner Randy Lerner hired Eric Mangini because he too believes in the process. Lerner witnessed Mangini take over the talentless 4-12 New York Jets and transform them into one of the surprise teams of 2008. Through patience and hard work, Mangini's process has worked in New York.

The only question is, when will Mangini show results in Cleveland?

"I don't have a timetable set up, but what you are looking for is continued progress," Mangini said.

"When I took over, it was really the same sort of approach, it was understanding that are a lot of things that need to be addressed and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. There are some things that you can do short term and some things that you can do long term. Some things that you can address today or tomorrow or the next day and other things that you have to move towards as you go. Being part of this experience in three different places, I guess it would be four, I understand it's different everywhere you go and there are different challenges everywhere you go."

"It is a process."

That brings us to the 1-6 Cleveland Browns. If fans can take anything away from the slow beginning to the 2009 season, it's that Eric Mangini's process has already begun.

Rookie wide receivers Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie have already begun their progression into the fast-paced world of professional football. Rookie center Alex Mack is improving every week, and rookie linebacker Kaluka Maiava has been inserted into the starting lineup in place of the injured D'Qwell Jackson.

With so many young players holding starting spots on the roster, it is clear Eric Mangini is in this for the long-haul. The core group of young players will progress this year, and the Cleveland Browns will be better for it in the long-run.

As for the present?

"I don't think that anybody is pleased with where we are right now," Mangini said.

"We are going to work at it as diligently and as deliberately as we possibly can. The mistakes are going to be addressed. The mistakes are going to be analyzed. We're going to put a plan in place to fix them,"

"There is a commitment to that [and] that's not going to change."

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Posted on: November 9, 2009 11:03 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Cheeks pass the KoolAid.

Your comment "It doesn't make sense simply because it isn't true" pretty well sums up the Cheeks approach to logic.

You continue to point to the coaches comment "DA gives us the best chance to win". #1 Coaches lie/ hide the truth all the time, and more importantly for those who look beyong the obvious, #2 Winning is no longer the priority for 2009.

How can you write one post leaning so heavily on those coach quotes, then in another talk about how it is 2010 and beyond that matter to ManGy?

Given that 2009 is a goner, then looking ahead, the Browns and any team who may consider Quinn for 2010 need to see what he's got.

What does sitting him do for us? Are we afraid his value will drop? Well if so then he is truly of no value anyway. I believe you defend DA and apply the coaches quotes because you fervently believe DA is a quality QB. God bless you for that, and maybe you are right, but there is no longer any need to see more of DA.

If ManG is the smart man you believe him to be, then he certainly knows what you know (DA is the guy) so he no longer needs to risk his health or next year to give him field time and would be better served getting Quinn some time to allow him to set his value in the NFL market. As of now he can have nearly no value, so if it isn't winning we are after then let BQ prove his worth, and let DA spell him if he gets in over his head.

Either way 2009 is lost, so the mesure of what ManG can do this year is no longer what his record is, it's what can he set up for next year. I have no idea of what BQ can do, and as much as you argue that ManG does because of practice, etc... that doesn't wash either, since he had all of camp too and couldn't see DA was the guy. Maybe this indicates that practice and games are truly different. One has game experience, one doesn't, so big surprise the guy with game experience gives you the better chance to win. How did he get there -- he played.

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Posted on: November 7, 2009 10:44 am

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Decent point, if we weren't showing signs of being completely dysfunctional.

GM fail

Player development fail

QB fail (all of them)

Draft fail

Free Agents fail

Trades (even?I guess)

Owner doing due dillegence during hiring process fail

Consultants to help owner fail

Bernie Kosar as a business person fail

Bernie Kosar as an executive???? dude is cracked out of his mind between pills, alcohol, and all the hits he took, he slurs.  You cannot put him in a position of power.  He is brain damaged.  Let's not run around the truth.  Guessing Epic Fail

Mangini didn't work in NYJ either, they ran him out of town after the team quit on him during the last half of the year.

If Lerner does keep Mangini, I sure hopes this process takes hold and the Browns actually start to win more than they lose, cuz another 4 years of this regime will start to look more like Savage and Romeo were good.

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Posted on: November 3, 2009 1:17 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Well with the firing of the GM. I'm beginning to think Learner no longer believes in the Mangini process. After the Bears game, Anderson now has the worst QB rating in thirty year. Cheeks do you still see him as a probowler?

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Posted on: November 2, 2009 9:53 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Derek Anderson should have been named the starting quarterback from day one.

How??  And why??  Anderson is the worst QB I have ever seen.  Quinn was drafted to be the future of the team.  If Mangini felt differetn upon his arrival, he should have traded BQ.  Quinn should have taken every snap during camp.. Quinn should have taken every snap this season.  Quinn should haave started all 16 games.  If he went 2-14, or 3-13, that would be okay.  Becasue as you and Mangini have said, its a process.  No one has seen what Quinn can do week to week.  And even if he had a bad year, so what, Aikman once went 1-15, Peyton Manning once went 3-13, and I would say that they have done okay.  DA should have been traded during the draft for whatever we could get. 

Cheeks, I usually like reading what you are putting out there, but to be backing Mangini in the least is almost treason at this point.  Mangini needs to be fired today.  He was the wrong guy, nothing wrong with  admitting that you made a mistake.  Just get someone in there who has a clue. 

And tell Mangini to take Anderson with him.

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Posted on: November 2, 2009 12:34 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Alright Cheeks, I don't actually expect to hear from you for another couple of days, but I'm curious...are you wrong yet?

DA played almost exactly 5 games...or roughly 31% of the season.  Once BQ is named the starter for Baltimore, and I think its just a formality, will you then admit that it was at least POSSIBLE that the only reason DA remained the starter for so long was because of BQs contract?  The only way that DA keeps his job for the Baltimore game is if some numbers cruncher in Berea figures out that there is a mathematical possibility that BQ could still play 70% of the offensive snaps.

I can understand Mangini benching Quinn under the reasoning of creating a spark.  I can see giving DA at least as much time as he gave Quinn to establish a rhythm.  Beyond the Steelers game, though, it became very transparent what was going on.  DA was worse in every possible way than BQ was, yet he kept his job twice as long.  Why?  Don't try to tell me that he gave them the "best chance to win" because that is garbage.  DA is terrible.  Unfortunately, the Ravens game wasn't on in my area and I was forced to sit through that whole mess yesterday.  Of the 17 times that Derek Anderson actually threw the ball, I counted only a handful that were actually on target.  He was lucky to complete 6 passes, that's how horrible he looked.  When I say "on target" I don't mean "in the general vicinity of the receiver".  I mean that the ball was thrown in the best possible spot for the receiver to make a play, like any NFL QB should be capable of on a regular basis.  5, maybe 6, out 17 is unacceptable.  I wish I had taped the game so I could go back and chart the throws because it probably wasn't even that many.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 8:21 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

The over under on Mangini is 3 years. 8 gamesI fixed it for ya...


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Posted on: November 1, 2009 7:27 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

Like I said Cheeks...

Same thing would repeat...

Gonna admit you were wrong?

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 5:08 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

His blind loyaty does not speak well for his future romantic relationships. "Honey? I was only trying to sharpen my bed skills for you. Thats the only reason I was doing the Postman. Honestly".

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 2:30 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

I find it sad that someone like SirCheeks takes everything at face value.
Whatever Eric and the Browns say, he believes. He doesn't use any of his intelligence to read between the lines.
If you believe everything Eric says and offer none of your input Cheeks, I honestly feel you should give up your position to someone else who will use some of their own thought.
The only reason people read this is to see if you can still support Eric and D.A., and you still do. Good for you, but nobody outside of you, Eric, D.A. and Lerner do.

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Posted on: October 31, 2009 11:01 pm

Believe In Eric Mangini's Process

I'm still holding out hope for a 6-7 win season. I see the Browns beating the Bears this week, getting hot after the bye week, and finishing the season with a respectable record. Well, that's the only way that Quinn stays on the bench.  If they beat the Bears, than maybe DA keeps his job after the bye...maybe.  A part of me hopes that you are right because I'd love to see some positive posts from some of my favorite Browns posters.  Its gotten all too quiet around here lately and its unfortunate.
Another part of me hopes you are wrong because I would hate to see the Browns commit another season to the Derek Anderson experiment.  We all know that he's capable of the odd hot streak, I'd hate to see one of his hot streaks keep him in Cleveland for another year.  What a mess that would be! Yell

I think its moot, because I'll be surprised if the Browns win 4 games this year.  I will bet my avatar that they don't beat the Lions in a few weeks.  I think they can beat the Chiefs and the Raiders but I just don't see another one on the schedule.

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