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Put up or shut up!

Posted on: December 13, 2008 8:41 pm
Well, it's time for the Vikings to prove their worth!  Have we got the stuff to beat the Cardinals?  I'm more than a little worried....I've got Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald on my Fantasy team, and I'm 12-2 going into the playoffs.  You think I score a ton of points because of those two?  Yep!  Gotta get to Warner!

Speaking of put up or shut up....Timberwolves need to put up...I'm not sure what that looks like for such a crappy franchise...How about just being competiive?  That'd be a nice change, wouldn't it?  Who in the world has Kevin McHale been sleeping with to keep that GM job all these years?  He got a thing going with Taylor on the side?  Doing a few favors in their spare time?  He's got to be the worst judge of talent in pro sports, and that says a lot, don't it?! 

How would you like to be McFail on the sidelines, coaching this mess he put together?  Spose he's hearing it from the few fans left in the Target Center?  Any chance those folks behind him might be voicing their opinions as he prowls the sideline?  Hope they give it to him good!

Doesn't this remind you of the Isaiah Thomas debacle last year in New York?  GM puts together bad team, then has to step down to the sideline to coach the team?  Team stinks, then he gets fired?  Notice a bit of a similar pattern here?  All that's left is for Kev to get his walking papers...

Starving for good NBA basketball in Minnesota....only thing I can say is go Gophers!
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