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2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Posted on: September 11, 2008 8:57 pm

Well the one thing we CAN say about 2008 is that Tom Brady will NOT be the fantasy MVP this year.  Brutal to anyone who had him on their team and wasn't able to get Casssle (or already have a great backup).  I had Tom in three leagues this year and was only able to get cassel in two (I had Romo as a 'backup' in the other so that works).

Watching parts of all the games this week (aint DirectTV grand?); I was able to say that I was impressed with how Romo looked.  May not have translated to fantasy numbers yet, but it's gonna go there.  Michael Turner was very impressive as well.

Can anyone tell me why Norv Turner still has a job?  The reason the Chargers lost the game had as much to do with their in ability to keep running the ball on their final TD drive as it did their failure to stop Carolina.  LT looked great and was almost able to break free several times but they chose to 'mix it up' and it cost them.  Mcfadden and Fargus looked great for the Raiders and yet they didn't even touch the ball 20 times between them all game long?  If the Raiders wanted to win, they could have kept running it (keeping Denver off the field in the process).  It amazes me how coaches can think themselves right out of a game (and a job).  Chicago Defense looked great, as did their rookie RB.  Indi looked a little off but that could have had as much to do with rust on their part as much as anything the Bears did.  I'm sure they'll rebound just fine.

Any surprises after week one?  Disappointments?  Turner looked great for Atlanta.  Can he do it again?


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Posted on: September 12, 2008 7:30 pm

2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Willie Parker did go off, sorry Mick, forgot about him. Jay Cutler looked pretty good too. 

Honorable mention @ TE, Anthony Fasino.  Did anyone else watch the Jets/Miami game?  Pennington looked very comfotable throwing his way; just might get the numbers.  And Jericho Cotchery; fits with Favre pretty well, although most of his yards did come on that 56 yarder (not complaining).

Gonna give it till the end of week two and start tracking by position.  And yes 'Rock' I am VERY irritated that LT failed (again) to get a TD.  Thanks for the sound out all!



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Posted on: September 12, 2008 2:25 pm

2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Great point on both accounts Mick.  Forgot about those two.  I had Willie on several of my teams last year and he was a dud.  Stayed away from him this year, damn. 

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Posted on: September 12, 2008 10:00 am

2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Hey guys, if you're talking about fantasy points scored you have to mention Donavan McNabb. He threw for 361 and 3 TD's with no interceptions.

And although Michael Turner had more yardage (220) than Willie Parker (138), Willie had 3 TD's to Turners 2.

Of course none of these guys were on any of my teams - figures!

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Posted on: September 12, 2008 8:38 am

2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Ok here is River Rats fantasy studs list from games that I either watched or read about.  If I didn't include someone you thought was deserving sorry, maybe I didn't see their stats.

QB--Jake Delomme Carolina  I agree with Kaz and Cougs, he is not a has been, in fact I have him as either a starter or backup on 6 FFL teams.

RB--Michael Turner Atlanta  I can't figure out if the lions were THAT bad or the Atlanta line was THAT good.  I really didn't think he could produce behind the Falcons line.  If it was a one game thing we'll find out this weekend.  Close second to Matt Forte Bears.

WR--Eddie Royal Broncos  This guy flat torched what was supposed to be a good Raiders secondary.

TE--Dante Roserio Carolina  Game winning catch nuff said.  Between him and the TE from Buffalo Robert Royal these guys put the stud TE's to shame in week 1.

K--Nobody really stood out, I didn't notice any 50+ yarders or game winners.

DST-Buffalo Bills  Just flat stuffed and out played the Seahawks for 4 quarters. 

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Posted on: September 11, 2008 10:05 pm

2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Right on.  Agree with Kaz but I also see your point CB.  I buy that.  They did a good job mixing it up al day but when you're trying to come from behind, the last thing you want to do (while getting the go ahead score) is to leave the other guys anytime to get it all back,

I watched the game too and I would agree, the Panthers didn't really look like they could stop LT; so why not keep it going?  The Chargers do seem to have handled LT differently that Marty did.  They try to mix it up better and for the most part that's fine.  They have the tools for that but I don't think they did a good job of stopping the Panthers at all.  That defense is supposed to be a killer and even though Merriman was out, they should have been able to do better.  Delhomme looked okay (great at times) but he didn't have Smith and I'm not sold on their running game.  I think the game came down to the last play when SD allowed one guy to camp out in the back of the end zone while at the same time, failing to do anything to Delhomme.  CB you're just angry LT didn't get aa TD again. 

Turner did look pretty good but they don't play the Lions all the time.  Agree about Mcfadden and Fargus.  They would have been much better off running those two than giving Jamarcus the ball.

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Posted on: September 11, 2008 9:58 pm

2008 fantasy stud and week 1 is done.

Kaz is right, Delhomme certainly didn't look like a 'has been' QB a lot of people have been saying he was.  Panthers didn't even have Steve Smith either.  Carolina was looking sharp all day, and had momentum.  Sure Rivers looked pretty good but it came down to clock managment.  The time it took SD to run the ball in versus two passes and leaving Delhomme 2 minutes to work his magic.  You have the best runningback in football.  Run him until they can stop him; they shouldn't have given the Panthers those two minutes!

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Posted on: September 11, 2008 9:31 pm
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