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The Evolution of Philip Rivers

Posted on: September 25, 2008 8:01 pm

Anyone that has watched a Chargers game this year, or has seen the highlights, probably has realized one thing: Philip Rivers has taken a big step forward this season. I mean before the season started none of the bolts fans where sure what to think, would he be healthy? If he could play, would he be his old self? Well it turns out he is better than his old self, in fact this is the best I have seen a san diego qb play in a loooong time. I mean he is putting up big numbers and leading this team with pure confidence. I think so far he is one of the top 3 quarterbacks this season, but dont take my word for it, lets look at the stats.

So Rivers is leading the league in TD passes(9) and qb rating(124.8) while he has only thrown 2 interceptions, is 4th in passing yards(844), and has a 67.1 completion percentage. I think those numbers speak for themselves, i mean as of now he is having an mvp-like season. But last year alot of people said he took a step backwards and that he wasnt really an elite qb, what has happened since then?

Here is my guess, at the start of last season Chargers head coach Norv Turner really had a leash on Rivers and limited him, this lead to Rivers not being able to get comfortable with the offense so he struggled. Norv saw this problem and around mid to late season he let Rivers air it out, and the numbers for both himself and the team showed it was a good idea. The bolts won the last 6 regular season games and Philip's numbers went up as well. He continued this success in the playoffs as Rivers was able to lead the the bolts to the afc championship game. So I think that Rivers is being given the same oppurtunity as he was late last season and therefore he is having success.

Also if you look at when the chargers traded for Chris Chambers, the offense became better and he immediately had a special chemistry with Rivers. And ever since then chambers has had good numbers and so far he has 4 touchdowns through 3 games. So in the end i think Rivers always had the potential to be this good, he is just finally being given the chance to show it. Lets just hope he continues to play this well and translates it into more wins.

Go bolts!

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Posted on: September 25, 2008 11:47 pm

The Evolution of Philip Rivers

I agree with you that its too early to be talking mvp, i was really just trying to show how well he is doing this year. But as for your comment on whether it was chris chambers arrival or norv taking the training wheels off philip rivers was the reason for his improved play, i think it was a mixture of both. And i think once chambers came to the chargers that made norv trust the passing game more, so they walk hand in hand in my opinion

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Posted on: September 25, 2008 11:42 pm

The Evolution of Philip Rivers

I couldn’t agree with you more.  The maturation of Philip Rivers has been fun to watch, as he has taken his game to a new level, and is posting stats that suggest he is Pro Bowl worthy.  It’s a long season so I don’t think its time to start MVP discussion, but you have to have his name in the hat so far.  I thought your discussion of Chris Chambers was insightful.  In fact, I was wondering if that was the real reason behind Philip Rivers maturation, rather than Norv Turner taking the leash off the passing game. 

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