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week 4 preview: chargers vs raiders

Posted on: September 28, 2008 2:14 am

So the Chargers finally won a game, let me take a moment to celebrate: WOOO-HOOO!!! Ok, moment is over and now its time to forget the past and focus on the presence, which for the chargers is playing the hated oakland Raiders in oakland. Now the bolts have recently owned the raiders winning I believe the last 7 games, but every streaks gotta end some time, lets just hope its not this sunday.

The key to this game for the chargers d is simple, stop the run. If they can shut down the raiders running game and force JaMarcus Russell to beat them, the chargers will win. Now this is easier said then done as the raiders have a talented group of rbs lead by Darren McFadden and Justin Fargas, and these guys can do some damage. But if the chargers can stop them from running and force the team to pass then that will give the bolts a chance to make big plays and cause turnovers.

On offense, the chargers have to stay balanced. Now, I know that LaDainian Tomlinson always has big games against the raiders and all that, but LT is not 100% yet so to try and run him all day would be foolish. Instead they should mix in LT and Darren Sproles to keep the defense guessing. But the chargers need to not rely solely on the run, they need to balance the run and the pass. And that should not be a problem since Philip Rivers is doing such a great job so far and so are his receiving corps. Rivers just needs to not force anything or the raiders tough corners could get an interception or something. Also some good news is that Nick Hardwick may be able to play a bit this week and may even be able to start against miami, so that is great

The chargers should win this game, plain and simple. But the chargers should also be 3-0, so should means nothing here. The bolts need to go out and play hard and completely dominate the raiders to win this game for sure, because we dont want another close one.


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