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Day after: chargers vs saints

Posted on: October 27, 2008 8:23 pm

Wow, nothing seems to be going right for the Chargers, i mean they are so close but somethings not quite right. The chargers were so close to beating the Saints and appeared to have accomplished quite the comeback against them, when once again things went wrong. Luckily there were some positives from this game and i think the chargers played well.

The chargers offense is good, I mean this offense is very good. Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback, despite the late interception, and just continues to impress as he gets mor and more in synch with Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson. One very big thing that resulted from this game was that LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates appear to be close to 100% again. LT made some great runs and made cuts he simply couldnt make before. Gates had some big catches and got another touchdown, overall it was a nice game by the offeses. The offensive line continues to improve.

The defense is the problem, i mean they are just bad. But the thing is that i dont blame the secondary because i still think its capable of being one of the leagues best secondaries. The probelm is the defensive line, they put absolutely no pressure on the quarterback and because of it Drew Brees had an even bigger day than he usually does. The d-line needs to step up and start forcing the quarterback to make some quick throws and hopefully make a mistake. Also another problem is the bolts need to start tackling, just making simple tackles that a defensive player in the nfl should easily make. The defense needs to start playing better, because with our offense we should be much better than 3-5.

Well the bolts go into a bye week and Im hoping that both LT and gates are fully recovered by then. Next we play the Chiefs which hopefully will be an easy win for the bolts. Now the good thing is the bolts arent out of the playoff race because the Broncos are just as sorry as the bolts.

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