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My predicition for division winners and wildcards

Posted on: November 11, 2008 10:08 pm

Alright so were through 10 weeks and although some division races seem just about settled, some are still close. So here are my predictions for who will win each division and the two wildcards:

AFC East: Patriots, bellicheck has shown just how good of a coach he is, winning without Tom Brady

AFC South: Titans, the Colts are improving, but the titans are the best team in football so far

AFC North: Steelers, very good team, although they have been struggling lately

AFC West: Chargers, havent played well, but theyll beat out the Broncos

AFC Wildcards: Ravens and Colts, ravens will barely miss division, and colts have been playing well lately

NFC East: Giants, finally being recognized as a powerhouse, although they have had some weak games

NFC South: Panthers, good team, Jake Delhomme needs to rebound from that bad game against the Raiders

NFC North: Bears, too good on defense, but they need Kyle Orton back

NFC West: Cardinals, finally their year

NFC Wildcards: Eagles and Redskins, the nfc east once again has 3 playoff representatives.

Those are my predictions, love or hate em, im sticking to em.

go bolts

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Posted on: November 15, 2008 11:12 am

My predicition for division winners and wildcards

Hey DDriver, how's it going? It's been awhile. I like the way Bosh is playing this year for your Raptors. LTowns I agree with almost all of your choices but I do think the Jets will find their way in this year. I think the wildcard in the AFC will come down to a battle between the Patriots, Ravens, and Colts. My Broncos anad your Bolts both need some major help on defense - that December 28th game between them will probably be an old AFL shootout 52-49. Should be fun.

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Posted on: November 15, 2008 4:29 am

My predicition for division winners and wildcards

"NFC North: Bears, too good on defense, but they need Kyle Orton back" Bears D has been about as great a sieve is at stopping water as every D in the NFC north is, Griese threw for 400 yards against the team, that said, the NFC north is going to be won on offense, and who has the best balance, unfortunately, none of the 3 contending teams has shown balance and the lack of consistancy in the packers and bears running game is cause for concern along with the vikings passing game. The division is too hard to call right now, and whoever wins the division will be the team that has found the closest thing to balance and consistancy. I say the closest thing because no team has shown anything remotely consistant.

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