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how are we still in this?

Posted on: December 14, 2008 9:21 pm

Im back! I have been out of town a lot the past two months so I haven't had much time to blog or post. But i still have remained faithful to my beloved Chargers, and I honestly just have one question: how are we still in this?

I mean I can not believe we still have a chance at a playoff spot, i mean its not a great chance, mind you, but it is a chance nonetheless. We have lost too many close games to still be in this, I feel like we should have been out of contention a month ago. And yet here we are, two weeks left and two games behind, and if i have only learned one thing this season its this: anything is possible when it comes to the NFL. So who knows, maybe the bolts will make the playoffs after all, but im getting ahead of myself.

Now about todays game, I think this was my favorite game of the year, it was a really exciting game. Just when I started to think it was over, Philip Rivers decided to start playing again and suddenly we were down one score with 1:13 left. Then came the miraculous onside kick, that couldnt have worked better in our favor, i began to believe it was fate. After that rivers threw the bomb to Vincent Jackson and we were at our own 20 with less than a minute, down 5. My heart was out of control by now, two plays later rivers threw a perfect pass to jackson and i went absolutely ballistic. Are we actually gonna win this game? Well there were 36 seconds, we were up 1, and the Chiefs had no timeouts, things looked good.

But then the bad came, the chiefs got a big return and were at midfield with 30 seconds. Tyler Thigpen made a foolish run and was at the 50 with 15 seconds, then there was pass to Tony Gonzalez and it appeared the game clock would run out. But the bolts got stupid, Antoine Cason foolishly blocked the ball from the ref and basically the chiefs were given the chance to win the game on a 50 yard field goal with 2 seconds. I began to have flashes of the Colts game all over again, and couldnt believe or season might end like this.

But it didnt, chiefs missed the field goal and we won, and to top it off the Broncos lost, what a great day. Lets hope the Buccaneers suck next week

go bolts

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Posted on: December 17, 2008 8:45 pm

how are we still in this?

It amazes me too. Just when we thought we were all but we are on the bubble. Granted, we're an the furthest part of the bubble before the drop off, you just never know.

What a crazy NFL season this has been. Pretty Boy Brady knocked out for the season in the first quarter of game 1. Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons probable for a playoff berth after being well under .500 last year. Arizona winning their division for the first time since Coreyell was a coach there! Wow.

If I've learned anything this year it's that anything can happen. I'm confident that we can beat Tampa Bay this Sunday. And I've never been more of a Bills fan than I am at this moment! How awesome would it be if that last game here vs. Denver could be the game that decides the division? Of course, our bubble may burst this Sunday.... I remain...cautiously optimistic! 


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Posted on: December 16, 2008 7:03 pm

how are we still in this?

I thinks it's very probable that the Chargers will be 8-8.  They've been playing well enough to win the next two games.  Given the way the season has gone for both teams, it would be nice to see it come down to week 17 a winner take all match up.  Then we don't have to waste another off season talking about the blown call in week 2.  We all know that both team should be 7-7. 

Congrats to  and  for being selected to the pro bowl. - Boozers

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Posted on: December 16, 2008 1:48 am

how are we still in this?

o believe me i know that the chargers still have a very long way to go to even get an 8-8 record, let alone make the playoffs. But i am still the optimist, though it is hard. and im just hoping that some how the bolts pull this off and make the playoffs.

go bolts

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Posted on: December 15, 2008 8:22 pm

how are we still in this?

Nice to have you back!  I get a kick out of reading your blog, when the Chargers win its all sunshine and rose.  Last week the Chargers had an 8% chance of making the playoffs.  This week the Charger’s chance  to make the playoffs increased to 15% (see link for source).  I don't think the Chargers are out of the woods yet.  The Buccaneers are not that bad of a team.  They won with Jeff Garcia on the bench this week.  Still the Chargers are only in control of their own schedule and need help from the Broncos.  The Broncos play the worst team in the AFC East in Denver in Week 16, and a win locks up the AFC West.  If the Broncos happen to loss, then the Chargers need to win in Week 17.  Having the identical records the second tie breaker is conference record, in which case the Chargers would be 5-1 and the Broncos would be 3-3 giving the Chargers the AFC West title.   Who knows maybe it will all come down to Week 17?

Congratulation on the win over Chiefs this week, Kansas City is never an easy place to win.  The finish of the game was cut off for the start of the Denver game in Colorado so I was surprised with the out final out come.  Great finish - Boozers


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