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What I think the chargers should do

Posted on: February 17, 2009 7:19 pm

Ok so the Chargers have some tough decisions to make this offseason, what to do with LT and sproles, what position to go for in the draft, etc. So here is my advice on what to do this offseason:

1. Keep LaDainian Tomlinson: this is the single most important thing the chargers should do this season, keep LT. Because LT had his worst season last year, yet his worst season was still extremely good and most running backs wish they could have a season like that. I think he is going to bounce back big this year because he wants to prove that he is not washed out. Losing him would be a big mistake that could come back to bite us. Keep LT

2. Go after Darren Sproles, but not for too much: i love sproles, i mean hes a great player who always gives his all. And i really hope the bolts are able to resign him this offseason, but only at a certain price. The chargers should not franchise sproles nor should they pay him top dollar. Sproles is good and can make the big play, but he can also be pretty inconsistent and definitely is not ready to take on a starting roll. My advice for the chargers is to make a play for sproles, but just dont pay too much.

3. Draft defense in the draft: our offense is fine, Philip Rivers is great, the receivers are good, the o-line is good, what we had trouble with last year was our front 7, and thats what the chargers should try and fix in the draft. I say they either go after a defensive end or an inside linebacker, because thats where we have the biggest needs. After we fix those two then we can do things like draft a running back or an offensive lineman. But we should try and mend the defense first.

That is my advice for the chargers this offseason

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 10:48 am

What I think the chargers should do

I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. Gotta keep LT, that should be priority #1. Put a respectable offer out there for Darren Sproles and if he takes it, great. If not, then Michael Bennett is capable of handling the backup role. And kick returners can be found in the late rounds of the draft plus Antonio Cromartie and Buster Davis are very good returners so the Bolts are pretty well prepared if Sproles decides to leave for more money.

I'm with you that the Chargers first round pick has to be defense. I think if Rey Maualuga or Tyson Jackson are there at pick 16 you jump all over either one of them. They are both positions that could use some upgrading. With Igor Olshansky most likely leaving, DE should take precedence over ILB. Going RB at this pick would not be a good decision, as this is a pretty weak RB class and San Diego can probably find a good RB still on the board in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.. hell, even later than that.

Personally, I'd like to see A.J. be aggressive with the #1 pick. If B.J. Raji falls past the 8th pick then they should trade up a few spots and try to snag him before the Broncos do at pick 12. We're gonna need someone to take Jamal Williams' place up front eventually and Raji would be a great candidate, dudes a beast. If Igor leaves, who knows, maybe the Bolts could teach Raji to play DE until Williams retires/breaks down.

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