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Notre Dame Game #2, Big Win over UM

Posted on: September 14, 2008 11:28 am
Edited on: September 14, 2008 11:35 am

To say anything but this is a big win for Charlie Weis and the program is ridiculous. I know Michigan is retooling/rebuilding, but a win over a good defence and a win in which they made things happen for themselves. It really seems as though the first game of the season was the confidence builder they needed.

Clausen had another decent game. His completion percentage wasn't great and he did throw two interceptions, one being and outstanding play by Morgan Trent. He made the throws when it counted which included two td strikes and showed great touch on the deep ball. He never took a sack either when he was pressured and only went to the turf maybe three times.

Hughes and Aldridge are meant to play in that type of game and weather. It was nice to see Hughes have a good game and reinsert himself as the starter and Allen as the change of pace back. How impressive was that straight arm Hughes gave to gain the corner?

Receivers were excellent too. Tate is proving to be a serious deep threat and man can he run after the catch. Floyd, I like that they continued to throw to him he's a huge target and can do stuff after the catch, and Kumara learned a lesson from the SDSU game, and this time went up and attacked the ball for the TD, beautiful catch.

The O-line, here's the most impressive group of the game. Second straight game without a sack, Clausen was maybe taken down three times, they rushed well, for going up against maybe "the best d-line in college football" and a "stout front seven".

The defensive approach to the game seemed to have a bend but don't break mentality. I liked the 4-2-5 defence they employed v. the spread option; however I do question having John Ryan in their at MLB when they have wasy more talented athletes like Darius Fleming and Steve Filer on the sidelines. Brian Smith is an animal. And our two safeties are crazy tacklers. McCarthy is a sure of tackler as you can get.

Special teams were fantastic with the exception of the blocked punt. What more can you say about Mike Anello. Cult hero as Pat Hayden suggested. Someone in the NFL needs to pick that guy up as the next Steve Tasker.

I've heard alot of talk about how this team hasn't improved and how Charlie Weis is not a good coach and fat this, front butt that. You know what though? I'd take Charlie and the toughness he showed over alot of other coaches. He also has a good game plan and his recruiting and playing all those freshmen last year is starting to pay off. This team is a good team that is just starting to learn how to win and if they continue like this thye will be the team to beat again one day.

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Posted on: September 15, 2008 6:50 pm

Notre Dame Game #2, Big Win over UM

Good blog pureirish........excellent comments and analysis.

We will get the credit with the wins.............."Build and they will come".............

I have my tickets for Oct 25th vs. the Huskies in Seattle..........

Go Irish Go!!!

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Posted on: September 15, 2008 12:17 pm

Notre Dame Game #2, Big Win over UM


Exactly, that's what I was trying to get people to understand in my posts and blogs. Before you can become a great team you need to learn how to win. It doesn't matter how ugly the game is(SDSU), as long as you overcome the adversity and win.  There is alot of talk that UM handed them the win, but the Irish still had to make the plays and capitalize on the opportunities in order to win that game. 

As far as nobody giving credit, once again you are bang on. Everything I read is Mish didn't do this, Michigan ran at will, ND made an average RB look good. I however beg to differ. If you rewatch the game there is more of a bend don'tbreak mentality to the defence, because they sure stiffened up near the goaline. It took a very good play and blocking downfield for them to score their first TD, and then and outstanding run by Grady fro the next TD. other than that, UM never had a good shot at the end zone.

Maybe if we beat a good MSU team then we'll get some respect, Idoubt it, but maybe.

GO IRISH, Charlie Weis for tough man of the year.

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Posted on: September 15, 2008 8:57 am

Notre Dame Game #2, Big Win over UM

Very good analysis pureirish. These guys are starting to learn how to play the CFB game and they are starting to learn how to win. I like the feriousness with which they play the game. I think MSU had better not underestimate this Irish team. I also like the way knowbody is still not giving ND any credit.

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