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Everyday Planning is just as questionable as.....

Posted on: January 19, 2011 11:04 pm

Everyday planning is just as questionable as the gameday planning.....

I have never been more confused as an Eagle fans in all my years then what I am today.. For the life of me I can not understand why a professional sports team wouldn't "plan ahead" for what is about to happen in the NFL. "Lockout" or "Strike" is now a reality, and with over a year of knowing it was coming, ( lets face it when its about the almighty $$, there is going to be an issue) why wasn't this front office proactive in moving one of the starting two QB's this team has to gain extra draft pieces for the upcoming draft? Do they not see that this OL is still as horrible as the one the Cowboys abused last year? Or the lack of actual starting CB's that well honestly had one good stater to start the season, and a bunch of " never has beens" or "never will be's".

Instead of the extra pieces the Eagles are going to cost themselves, and there fans another season of "once and done" again in 2011!
The thought process would be simple, Vick is 30 yrs old, slap the franshise tag on him and let teams offer tons of money to him and the Eagles get those extra pieces for the draft to continue to build this younger team younger! But that can't happen now, since again the "lockout" will prevent any players moving to another team for draft picks, without a signed CBA. Nor will they have a normal courtship during free agency, again no signed CBA no players will sign any contract nor will a team offer an outragous amount of cash without an agreement.....

What should have happen last summer is this, take what ever the highest bid for Vick was and move on! Sure would cost the team a first round pick this year but with the deep class of secondary guys the Eagles could cash in, have the extra picks and saved cash on a second round pick instead of paying first round money on two players. And it would have given Kolb, (remember Kevin Kolb he was the guy handed the keys to this offense once McNabb was sent packing to DC) the chance to grow, sure it wasn't going to be a Pro Bowl season, but it would have been a season in learning on the field. Yes he was injuried, a journeyman QB could have been found to back up Kolb, and of course the season might not have been any better in the win column, but geez the defense wasn't so hot, special teams didn't come out like "wedge busters" nor did the OL show any improvements from the Dallas disasters, so in all it would have been exactly what common sense Eagle fans were saying all off season, "its a rebuilding year" not a reloading year.

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