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2011 Mock Draft 1.0

Posted on: March 9, 2011 10:11 pm

Okay so here is my 1.0 for the 2011 Draft. As there really isn't any clear cut top ten choices in the "big boys mocks" this years draft is going to be a crap shoot. Once again I'm not to high on the QB class, alot of projects or shall we say some of these guys do need to hold the clipboard for a season. My major head scratcher for this 1.0 is at #7 the 49ers pick, lets just say its a "west coast thing" and Harbugh is the one that starts the reach process. Carolina is on the clock, now I'm not thinking thinking the must go QB, they could get a free agent QB, this team needs a revamp on defense, so it starts there:

1.Panthers : Marcell Dareus DT Alabama- In my eyes this guy is the best DT this year, Rivera starts his rebuild here.
2.Broncos  : Nick Fairley DT Auburn- John Fox is switching back to the 4-3, needs a tackle that can plug the holes.
3.Bills       : Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson- They could go QB, but the lack of DE on there current rosters screams help.
4.Bengals : Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri - Palmer wants out, of course the Bengals have no replacement, must have pick here.
5.Cardinals: Von Miller OLB Texas A&M- Could go QB, but with so many needs, they must get a stater at the OLB spot.
6.Browns   : AJ Green WR Georgia - Could go DE or CB, but there offense isn't that far off from being good, so get the second best WR.
7. 49ers   : Jake Locker QB Washington- So many other needs, but Harbugh has is QB of the future for the next ten years.
8.Titans   : Patrick Peterson CB LSU- They need DE's and a QB, but CB's is also a serious need, and this is a defensive team first.
9.Cowboys: Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska- Could go OT, but a corner is been need for two seasons now.
10.Redskins: Robert Quinn OLB N Carolina-They could trade down, with many holes Quinn steps in and becomes a starter right away.
11.Texans : Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue- Kerrigan is moving quickly up boards, Must pick here.
12.Vikings:  Cameron Jordan DE Cal- QB is a must, but I'm not thinking Cam Newton is there guy.
13.Lions :  Julio Jones WR Alabama- The best WR in this class, other needs for the Lions but with Johnson the could be the best duo.
14.Rams : Mark Ingram RB Alabama- They need depth, and this guy can help prolong Jacksons health.
15.Dolphins: Cam Newton QB Auburn- No inter OL this early, so take the best athlete, sorry Fins fans needed to stick him some where.
16.Jaguars: JJ Watt DE Wisconsin- Stll need DE's after last years reach in the draft, Watt is solid.
17.Patriots: Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College- There OL is in need of talent and players not demanding more money.
18.Chargers: Aldon Smith OLB Missouri- LB's is need for the Chargers, outside and in .
19.Giants: Brandon Harris CB Miami- C or G is a need, but Harris helps a leaking secondary
20.Buccaneers: Tyron Smith OT USC- Freemen needs better protection, Smith has been rising up many boards.
21.Chiefs : Martez Wilson ILB Illinois- Line him up next to Jackson and the Chiefs run defense just got a lot better.
22.Colts  : Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St- They need to add youth and talent to block for the master.
23.Eagles: Jimmy Smith CB Colorado- Must have, they need another starter its that simple.
24.Saints :Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois- They need depth, and someone that can stay healthy.
25.Seahawks: Nate Solder OT Colorado- OL needs work, don't carry who the Qb is cause it doesn't matter cause they cant protect him.
26.Ravens: Justin Houston OLB Georgia- Houston looks and plays like a Raven, plus they need OLB help.
27.Falcons:Christian Ballard DE Iowa- Need help opposite Abraham, there depth isnt really looking up.
28.Patriots: Stefen Wisniewski C/G Penn St- They rebuild there OL in the first round quickly and protect Brady alot better.
29.Bears:  Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin- There OL is still the ugly of this team, and with no WR's here now, take the OL man.
30.Jets :   Muhammand Wilkerson DE Temple- A fast riser, and a need for the J-E-T-S!
31.Steelers:Davon House CB New Mexico St-Steelers have injuires and were abused against the Packers in the Suber Bowl.
32.Packers: Cameron Heyward DE Ohio St-Packers have holes, but DE right now is the best investment.

Okay there is my 1.0, I'm sure there will be changes come 2.0. I will have the second round in my 2.0.

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Posted on: March 17, 2011 5:28 pm

2011 Mock Draft 1.0

I'm waiting to see some things shake out. Apparently Tyron Smith is visiting the Cowboys sometime soon. Could be a mega reach.

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Posted on: March 17, 2011 10:28 am

2011 Mock Draft 1.0

though I don't believe Smith is first round material, we both know that the "couch mocker" doesn't have much say on that. Someone will jump on him in the first round and take that chance!

Where is your's ????

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Posted on: March 15, 2011 5:24 pm

2011 Mock Draft 1.0

Can't hate on the Jimmy Smith pick.

I thought you told me that Tyron Smith wasn't a 1st round player?

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