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The time has come...

Posted on: September 25, 2008 3:34 pm
After last week's edition of The Ultimate Fighter we have 8 fighters who have punched their ticket to free food, free training, and lots of women clamoring for their attention simply because they are a fighter.

And we are off and running on Episode 2! Again this episode focuses almost solely on the fights so let us get right down to it.

John Polakowski vs. Wesley Murch
Wesley is from Britain. I lived there for a summer and let me say that if I was from there, I would be fighting 100% for a vacation. Their food is all fried and none of their women liked me. They did drink a lot which is up my alley, but whatever. John Polakowski quickly introduces himself as a hippie. Wesley hits a nice judo throw (it has to be judo because England has like 0 wrestling) and gets the takedown on our Polish friend. The best coaching I have heard so far comes from Frank Mir when Murch stands up in John's guard. "No don't do that, well O.K." As Wesley goes for a failed leglock that lands him on bottom. The fight is good back and forth action until Murch brings a low kick all the way from the chunnel and gets it blocked, leaving him in pain. In what can only be described as the best possible gameplan when having a hurt leg, Murch leaps in the air to throw a knee and lands hard on said leg. Fight over.  Polakowski then celebrates like a rabies infested bird and hugs everyone.

Shane Primm vs. Sean O'Connell
Primm says he will be around for a long time. I wish him continued health. He also says that being in a cage with him could be one of thr worst places to be. I disagree, I think that having to live with him and listen to him proclaim his greatness would be worse. Sean is from Salt Lake City so no doubt he is a polygamist. Sean gets an early takedown but Shane transitions to every submission in the book and gets the tap with a rear naked choke. I didn't get to see the fight live because I was warming up, but if I had seen it live I would have thought about throwing my fight just to not deal with Shane for 6 weeks.

Ido Pariente vs. Efrain Escudero
Ido comes all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. Efrain is from Arizona. Efrain smirks a lot. Efrain does a lot of takedowns. Efrain takes Ido's back, just like he said he would....and gets the rear naked choke....just like he said he would. Well actually it looked more like a neck crank.

Ryan Lopez is a bounty hunter by day, fighter by evening, model by...whenever he has time I guess. Frank Mir likes his athleticism and jumping ability. Tom Lawlor has the worst haircut in mma history. He also smiles when he walks out to the ring, then looks like he blows kisses as well. I'm not scurred by anyone or their size! Ryan does what any red blooded American fighting a wrestler should do and throws a kick. I get the takedown and remember my hatred for Dog the Bounty Hunter and proceed to take Ryan's back, lock up the rear naked, slip Herb Dean a $20 to say my name loud and clear. Yay! I get free food, training, and women! I rule.

George Roop vs. Roli Delgado
Striker vs. Grappler. We get the clipped version of the fight. Which is a plus for all of you viewers. Frank Mir likes the fact that Roop is coachable. I wonder if he also likes the fact that Roop has a tattoo that says "Dopey" across his stomach and looks like an emaciated Jim Carrey. Roop wins by superior musculature, but Roli was tough despite his lack of any muscle mass.

Ryan Bader vs. Kyle Kingsbury
Good fight. Kingsbury is like 8 ft tall. Bader is a tough wrestler from ASU. He was one of the names I expected to be there before leaving for the prelim fights in Vegas. Both guys delivered, with the former KOTC champion Kingsbury keeping Bader at bay with his long limbs. Bader gets the takedown after a tough round 1 and is able to lock up a head and arm choke and get the win. Kingsbury looked very good in the loss, but fighting one of the favorites in the competition in your first fight at 205 isn't a good recipe for success. What is a good recipe for success? Steak and Chicken!!

Shane Nelson vs. Charles Diaz
Like Mir said, Diaz was great at selling himself. If I was a University  would hire him to teach marketing at the college level. Shane Nelson is from Hawaii and is reppin the humahumanukunukuapuaa. Shane batters Diaz, who cut a HUUUUUUGGGE amount of weight and then packed it back on with delicious watermelon smoothies. No joke. Diaz looked like he took full advantage of the hotel food and fried chicken catering that was at the UFC center that day, and probably weighed more than me come fight time. I'm thinking it worked to he detriment since he looked sluggish, and like his good pal and roommate was upset in the prelims. "Sugar" Shane gets to bring his pigeon talk to national tv.

Eliot Marshall vs. Karn Gregorian
Eliot is a bjj black belt from Colorado. Karn is best remembered for his starring role on Sesame Street as "The Count". Karn comes out like a ball of fire and tries to throw ONE big haymaker to give Eliot TWO black-eyes to make sure it doesn't go to round THREE. Both guys role around on the ground for rounds 1 and two. Karn throws bombs, goes for submissions, Eliot has crisper standup and goes for submissions. Round three!!! Eliot goes for the takedown but Karn has a great whizzer counter and gets on top. Eliot attempts his best Kama Sutra impression and tries to pull his leg over his own head, before using it to transition to mount. Karn is able to reverse and is covered in blood. Frank Mir tells Eliot he just made it into the house. The judges and Dana White announce otherwise! Eliot is noticeably disappointed and Karn brings the ever entertaining Armenian flavor to TUF 8.

Fortunately for Eliot, Antwain Britt broke his hand on Ryan Jimmo's head and Eliot gets to return to the competition!! Dana White undoubtedly makes an enemy of Eliot's wife by saying this is the best day of Eliot's life and we are told to make the most of our opportunity.
Foreshadowing in the previews? SOME MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE!!! IS IT BY CHOICE? BY FORCE?


Who will become, the NEXT Ultimate Fighter? I don't know because the Finale hasn't happened, but i'll be here to update you each and every week on what HAS gone down!

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Posted on: September 27, 2008 3:30 pm

The time has come...

Hey, Whatsup Tom

Its nice to see a local on the show

My teacher John Hauser told me about you and how you supposedly train with his son, so I'll be rooting for you!

Looking forward to see some victims of Tom Lawlor.

Bye the way nice hair man.

Since: Sep 15, 2008
Posted on: September 26, 2008 8:35 pm

The time has come...

Looking forward to that too, but I'm really looking forward to Tom showing me how to open up a can of whoopazz...

Since: Oct 11, 2006
Posted on: September 26, 2008 8:25 pm

The time has come...

Terry Tate (Red Rooster?),

I wasn't ripping Tom-I like the blog and am finding it entertaining so far.

The screwy forum messed up my last post, but in the first one I was basically implying that there's no way that Tom wasn't going to win because if he didn't even make the house he wouldn't have been picked to be the blogger.    &nb
sp;     &n
bsp;     &

I'm looking forward to hearing some dirt that wouldn't be public otherwise.       

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Posted on: September 26, 2008 5:07 pm


Repeat comment now put in the appropriate place....

If your fight had a headline, it would be "ROIDED UP PRETTY BOY GETS PUNKED ON NATIONAL TV BY REAL FIGHTER."  What you did to Ryan Lopez can only be decribed as domination.  I hope for his sake, the two of you never share a prison cell.  LOL!!!  I know the show's taped, but you have a new fan here, and I hope to see you in the finals!!! 

Since: Oct 27, 2006
Posted on: September 26, 2008 12:45 pm

The time has come...


I think CBS had a hard enough time finding one of these guys that can string a couple sentences together.  Luckily for CBS, Tom can and he is a good fighter as well.  Now I am not trying to be sterotypical of the fighters, but did you see some of these guys speak, dawg?

Tom this is a great blog and looking forward to what is happening in the house that we wont see.  Is Junie the freak that he apprears to be?

Since: Oct 11, 2006
Posted on: September 26, 2008 11:38 am

The time has come...

I seriously doubt the Ocala fair could afford to pay anyone $500.


Looking forward to seeing this blog and the season unfold. It's a great idea and I'll be reading!


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Posted on: September 26, 2008 12:54 am

The time has come...

Tom, you are knocking this out of the park, I'm looking forward to watching this season!

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Posted on: September 25, 2008 6:43 pm

The time has come...

I seriously doubt the Ocala fair could afford to pay anyone $500.

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Posted on: September 25, 2008 5:48 pm

The time has come...

While I'm sure that UFC, CBS, and Tom himself all have great contractual language to make sure that nobody tips off results on this here blog, was anybody surprised that Lawlor won?

I doubt CBS would get one of the 16 (ok 15 this year) 'almost was' guys to blog about the show. If Lawlor didn't win, this post would have been like, "Yeah, I was there for almost 4 days before I got beat and then the flight home there were some hot chicks so that was cool and now I'm like training again to fight for $500 at the Ocala County fair.

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