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Ep E Sode 4

Posted on: October 10, 2008 1:09 pm
First I'd like to apologize for being late with this entry. Traditionally I've tried to complete them for the Thursday after the show airs, but due to a myriad of factors I have not been able to up to this point.

My life has been a whirlwind since Saturday night! Those of you MMA fans who watched the EliteXC show on Saturday night may have noticed me in the corner of Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli, for what has become one of the biggest MMA stories of the year so far! I'll talk more about the Kimbo fight when I get a chance and details regarding the situation have calmed down, but let me just say that it has been a crazy turn of events! Also for those of you in the Orlando area: Seth, BJJ blackbelt Mike Lee, and myself are in the process of opening a new training facility in the Universal Studios area called The Jungle MMA. I have been swamped with business stuff all week, so hopefully next week things return to normalcy and I'll have the blog updated promptly.

On to the show! I'll be using an experimental format this week. I will be writing much of this blog from the perspective of some of the other fighters. Here it is, in chronological order.

*Junie Browning: Hi Y'all, I be Junie Browning. Me thinks dat I'm gunna be one of der best fighters in the world one day. But 'til that day comes, I'm gunna just git drunk and throw peanuts at y'all.
- Junie Browning during his drunken peanut throwing, man hugging escapade with "Sugar" Shane Nelson

*Kyle Kingsbury: He cut me Mick!
-what Kingsbury probably said to Al Stankie after Junie threw wine in his eyes, then threw a glass at him, cutting his arm

*Shane Nelson: Hey braddah. Hey Ef-ray-ahn, I'm gonna triangle choke you braddah. You don't know how we do it in the 808 braddah. Hey Junie, get me another Bartels & James win cooler braddah, I've had 2 and I'm bombed braddah.
-Shane's comments before trying to fight all of Team Big Nog's lightweights

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far

*Junie: Man, why y'all gotta throw my clothes in the pool man. I thought we waz boys man. You know I can't afford my own clothes in Kentucky, man. Y'all a buncha bullies,man.
-Junie to all the 205'ers

*Krzystuff: Hey! .......Don't touch me.
-Kryzystuff doing his best impression of Brak, while Junie continually pushes him

*Ryan Bader: I'm as strong as the Incredible Hulk!
-Bader as Junie attacks him and he was able to lift him out of the water with his neck

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far

*Tom Lawlor: Oh crap. I just got knocked out 2 weeks in a row on national TV!
-Me after Junie hits a perfect push kick to my stomach by the pool

*Everyone: Huh? Junie ISN'T getting kicked off?!? I need to start sleeping with an ice pick handy
-The cast of TUF's reaction to Junie not being kicked off the show

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far

*Shane Nelson: Hey braddah don't come around me braddah. I'm gonna put a hole in your head with me fist then choke you out with a lei braddah.
-Shane's reaction to Efrain after being chosen as the 1st prelim lightweight bout

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far

*Junie: Man. y'all red shirts that wrestle, man it ain't the Ultimate Wrestler man. Ii'll blow all my chances on the show and argue with y'all man. I'll show y'all I don't need alcohol to be a retard man.
-Junie after admitting that Efrain caught him in a guillotine 10 times in a row while training

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far

Now I'll return to our regularly scheduled format.

Sans the fight between Efrain and Shane, everything that happened on the show happened prior to my fight with Bader. So after 4 nights in the house, we have already had a few fights, broken furniture, broken glass, and lots of Efrain smirking. After Junie push kicked me, and before my fight with Bader, we worked a lot on defending the kick in the training sessions. Unfortunately, as you know Bader didn't try to teep (push kick) me, instead he knocked me out. Bad game plan. Also, you can see Junie throw a cherub statue in to the pool during his furniture destroying tirade outside. I almost legitimately drowned trying to get that statue out. Being a good samaritan, I didn't want to have 2 babies drown on my watch, and dove in to save them. The statue had filled with water, but I was not going to give up and let go on those 2 little angels. Instead I treaded underwater, never advancing to the top, until a couple people had to grab me from the pool. I forget who it was, but thank saved my life. Moving on....

Despite what the cameras show, Edith wasn't at the fight! I'm pretty sure that I would still be sporting an erection had she been. Shane Nelson and Efrain was a good fight. Both guys are undoubtedly talented, and I wouldn't be surprised if both guys are fighting in the UFC consistently at this time next year. The first round was pretty even, not a big advantage to either guy, but Efrain secured a takedown with about 1:30 left in the round to probably eek out a 10-9.

The 2nd round was 3 minutes of light ground and pound, affectionately known as lay 'n pray, before Shane used the cage to get back to his feet. As Efrain went for another takedown, shane scrambled for a knee bar, then a heel hook. Efrain scrambled out and ended up with Shane in his guard. I thought that for sure Shane would be able to use his skills to pass and submit Efrain, but he had to act fast. Shane's gas tank wasn't up to par, and he made a critical mistake that allowed Efrain to lock up the triangle. If you watch closely you see Shane try to push down Efrain's right knee 3 or 4 times after he gets on top. Efrain no doubt realized this and was ready the last time, as he used Shane's set-up to lead himself straight in to the triangle that finished the fight and once again.....

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far

Junie goes berserk, saying how boring Efrain was and how he just layed on Shane. Apparently Junie was still drunk from previous nights, because I'd say that getting a submission win is a lot different than laying on someone. I'm not sure if Junie heard Nog's comments (saying that he would be the next to be finished), or if he is just that insane, but he jumped into the cage like there was a bottle of Jack Daniels waiting for him inside and tried to fight everyone in the cage.

What happens next week? Well I'm not really sure because I haven't seen the episode yet, but I bet you it is crazy! and..............

*Efrain Escudero: Smirk!
- Efrain's reaction to all of the events so far


Since: Jun 3, 2008
Posted on: October 13, 2008 6:47 pm

Ep E Sode 4

thanks for the blog, the fact that Junie (white trash) is still on the show blows my mind. during his drunken display i was hoping that all of you guys would have destroyed him. just tell the camera men to turn them off for 5 minutes.

Since: Apr 15, 2008
Posted on: October 13, 2008 8:44 am

Ep E Sode 4

ha good blog. and the guys in the house weren't the only ones who were surprised junie stayed. I thought for sure he was going off. but i guess dana white thought publicity for the show was more important than the actual show. Browning just kinda ruins it for me.

Since: Sep 27, 2008
Posted on: October 10, 2008 10:20 pm

Ep E Sode 4


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