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Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

Posted on: November 24, 2008 10:58 pm
10 Things I saw after 20 minutes of Bulls basketball the other night against the Denver Nuggets  God is an awful person to look at.  see? 10 - Joakhim Noah is an awful human being.  someone you wouldn’t want to show up at your party, be in your class, text you, or set a pick for you.  His hair is awful, he's a whinny bitch and he thinks he’s playing soccer with all that awful flopping.   Plus he looks like a guy at your local Y who eats nothing but fast food, gets on the treadmill for 10 minutes, walks around by the water cooler for 15 then calls it a day.  What with those scrawny arms and beer gut. Part of the crew! part of the Ship!
  1. 9 - Drew Gooden is as dumb as his beard looks like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean.  I just picture him chanting "Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship!"  to get guys jacked before a game.  Also, he is the dumbest basketball IQ on the team and maybe any team hes ever played on.  Thank God he can knock down any shot and he’s 6' 9". 
8 - Stacey King is a closet homo.  I just get that feeling.

7 - Vinny Del Negro looks like someone is holding his kids hostage and if the bulls lose he will lose one of his children.  The problem is he doesn’t have a clue as how to get any of the 12 players on the team to play well with one another.  One of his kids will soon be dead.

6 - Aaron Gray is dumber than Matt Damon in South Park.  He was awful @ Pitt, and....  That’s it.  Now he's awful here.

5 - Larry Hughes is so jealous of Derrick Rose that he won't pass him the ball or even look in his general direction.  He feels like someone should give him 80 million dollars and treat him like the franchise superstar.  Example.  In the 2nd Quarter, Derrick Rose crossed over 3 Nuggets, spun into a double team, then faded away, hung, got fouled by Kliza and made the 12 footer.  Amazing play.  Showed extreme talent, body control, ball control and the ability to create.  THE NEXT TRIP DOWN THE COURT, Hughes brings the ball up, dribbles right, sees Rose open in the corner, tries to spin into the lane and cross over his one defender, loses control of the ball and Denver has 2 points before Hughes could figure out what just happened and why he didn’t score.  Showed, selfishness, lack of talent, poor decision making and selfishness.  It was really awful.  In fact, this sequence of events has made me hate Larry Hughes more than anyone in the last 10 years of Bulls Basketball.

4 - Except when John Paxon selected Aaron Gray.

3 - Ben Gordon is the only player on the Bulls that can create his own shot and is better when someone makes him shoot awkwardly than give him a nice set, open 16 footer.  The more out of control he gets, the better he is at making a shot.  I wish he played defense.  Can't we teach that?  Cuz if we could...

2 - I would be all about getting rid of that cracker.  what’s his face?  Heimlich?  He’s already fading from memory....

1 - Derrick Rose is the real deal.  will have a better career than Beasley, will soon be mentioned in the same breathe as Chris Paul, Derron Williams, and any other guard you can think of.  He has the burst, the handles, the shot making ability, the Lebron-like (I said Like!) athleticism, the whole package.  He looks like he’s playing at a different speed compared to the other 8 or 9 guys on the court.  He's rare.    I just hope Larry Hughes' selfishness, Drew Gooden and Vinny Del Negro's cluelessness, and John Paxon's talent evaluation don't screw his head up too bad.   This kid is gonna be a great one.  

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Posted on: December 13, 2008 11:34 pm

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

Damn boy you be straight hatin. Get your priorities set hommie.

10. I'm sick of people hating on Joakhim Noah. He's a good player. Yes, he whines a lot, and doesn't have best low-post presence, but he attacks the rim when the ball doesn't fall and when it's in the air. When he needs to be, he pushes it and uses his crazy energy. You only seem to dislike him because of his attitude, which he's working on.

9. Drew Gooden isn't as dumb as his beard looks. Matter of fact, that beard is off the hook! I don't think anyone should be complaining about Gooden at all, he's are best presence down low, and we do need his ability to knock down shots. Sure, there are better PF's in the league, but i do think he's a veteran who knows how to play the game dog.

8. Stacey King is hilarious. He may get off topic every now and then, but when some shit is goin crazy down in the United Center, he's the first person to notice it. He's also good at noticing the people on the teams that don't get noticeed for their off-th-ball skill.

7. It's his first season, only 20ish games into the season with a brand new team. No coach is going to make an immediate amazing splash right into the NBA. Give him time, the players respect him and most of all he respects them (excpt for maybe Ty Thom).

6. Aaron Gray is pretty dumb, but he's one giant ass white boy. He hardly gets any minutes, and when he does, it seems as if the coaching staff/ Negro take him out too soon, because thy think he's dying out there. I'll give him some credit cause that boy lost made weight over the summer.

5. Relax. We all know that Hughes holds on to the ball a lot, granted he usually takes a lot of ill-advised shots, but he does pass the ball. When he sees someone open he will pass to them, usually. Take the game tonight, there must have been 4 oops from him to Thomas. He keeps his head up and has good court vision. Plus, he is a very good defender. He knows how to limit hsi opponent's space without getting to close to cause the shooting follow. I'm not the biggest fan, but he's got that cluth shot.

4. Aaron Gray was pretty late in the draft, we needed a low post presence. It's as easy as that. He was a good college player, gave Pitt a good last season, but it hasn't really worked out THAT well, but yet again he wasn't expected to be amazing.

3. I like Ben, but somtimes it seems as if it's him out of all the people on the Bull's making the ill-advised shots. I am the worst fan off the pull up jumper. I hate rushing one's offense, and that seems to be one of Ben's most common shots. I think his time here is Chicago is done, trade along with maybe Nocioni or Thabo and get a larger, more rebound potent shooting gaurd.

2.Isn't he Jewish? Oh well, maybe not but cracker is one stupid ass description of him. He's an amazing player. Yes, with the introduciton to a possible rookie of the year point gaurd his time might be done here, but he is still a legetimate starting point gaurd, with an all around game. Let's trade him, all the luck Captain.

1.He is da real deal. I was reading someone else's blog and they were saying that Negro is giving him too much time on the court, that by the mid season, maybe January, he'll be all tired out. I slightly agree with this. But yet again, it is DERRICK ROSE. He's an absolute freak of an athlete, and never seems to get tired. He'll play th entire 1st quarter, plus a few minutes in the second and then he'll be taken out. Yet, when the camera goes to him, hes straight chillin no breathin like Noah or anything. You gotta love that 1.8 % luck in the draft. Build the team around this boy. He's our future...

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Posted on: November 25, 2008 10:48 am

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

well i guess its easier to write a blog about someone not being able to play the game of basketball.  however, i bet i could write a novel about how bad you suck in bball JR.  funk i've never seen you play but i'm gonna guess that your average at best.  stop judging athletes because they would beat the shit out of any average joe on the street.

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Posted on: November 25, 2008 10:04 am

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

Yeah, the kid has amazing talent.  What I didn't know was how well he'd be able be a leader on this team so soon.  Now, if the Bullies can just figure out that they need to build around him.  There are 11 players on that team that are expendable (10 if you're a Deng fan).  Rose is what? 19 or 20.  I would say re-build but they have to build first and Rose is the first piece to the puzzle.

Now, where's your blog about the Bears???


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Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:21 pm

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

then he hits a game winner!!lol


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Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:16 pm

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

god i hate Larry Hughes

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:16 pm

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

god i hate Larry Hughes

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