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Week 1

Posted on: September 12, 2008 2:55 pm

I'm not so convinced that the Giants deserve a high mark for their overall performance in week 1. They totally went into a shell before the half, allowing the Redskins to hang around. One big play and the momentum would've shifted drastically. I also don't think the Giants defense did as much as been said rather than the Redskins just looking miserable on offense...thanks to the awesome play calling from Zorn and crew.

The Giants didn't record a sack after the first play and had no turnovers the entire game. The offense was held scoreless in the second half, and after the opening TD, two drives inside the red zone resulted in 6 points. Granted, they controlled the game while Washington looked confused and overwhelmed at times, but a heavy dose of Brandon Jacobs, who was literally running over defenders (ask Landry how his shoulder felt), and the Giants would have scored even more to put the game away.

Some positives for Washington include a second half of shut out defense, no turnovers, and a healthy squad to start. Washington needs to be more creative in the play calling so defenses can't tee up on predictable plays. They have talent, they just need to get consistency in the coaching staff and play book. A little more intensity and urgency from the start would've helped too (ie play the entire game like that 2-minute drill to end the first half...not the second half).

Also, look for rookie WR Malcolm Kelly to be in the lineup soon, as well as getting DBs Fred Smoot and Shawn Springs back from injuries.

Any thoughts out there for Week 1 performance or Week 2 preview?

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