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Posted on: October 26, 2008 4:45 pm
  The Cardinals lose to the Panthers 27-23 to extend west coast teams going east and playing at 1 pm to 0-9. This was NOT a game lost by trips or time zones! This was a game lost by horrible tackling and botched special teams! A CARDINAL 39 yard field goal attempt turned into a fake kick and a short pass that was not enough for a 1st down. After missing an opp. for3 points, the Cards holder/punter JOHNSON flubbed the hold on an extra point. Couple that with (what i counted as) at least a DOZEN MISSED tackles, and you have a recipe for defeat. DeAngelo Williams gave the CARDS defense fits all afternoon long rushing 17 times for 105 yards and a touchdown....but that doesnt tell the whole story. WILLIAMS longest run was "only" 15 yards..meaning he ran 16 times for 93 yards without that 15 yard TD! The CARDS kept Steve Smith in check most of the day. They did allow him an 18 yard TD catch(off a JAMES fumble!), but it wasn't until his 65 yard TD that should have been only a 15 yard gain! Both HOOD AND ROLLE missed easy EASY tackles on SMITH! Which is probally the highlite of the bad tackling CARD day! Warner did a good job spreading the offense and passing the ball considering the CARDS could not run it! James finished the day with 17 yards and a lost fumble,HIGHTOWER was 6 carries for 3 yards!(and a 2 yd TD). Otherwise, it was the Kurt Warner AIRSHOW!. He was 35-49 with 381 yards, 2 TD's and a pick. The pick was a high throw to JJ Arrington that went through his hands(not so much his fault) and into the waiting hands of Carolinas BEASON. Warner had Arrington open a few seconds early has he circled out of the backfield. But he held the ball, stepped up and threw a pass just above JJ's head. The Cards did a nice job holding the Panthers to a 50 yard Kasay field goal, allowing the offense a chance to win the game for them. That didnt happen. A 3rd down Gandy hold(the only holding penalty of the day!!) negated a big 15 yard 1st down pass to Urban, forced the Cards to punt. Gandy did an incredible job on PEPPERS all day! I was very impressed with the way he was able to keep Peppers away from Warner most of the day! They also did a nice job piocking up blitzes (JJ Arrington had a very nice pick up on a blitz!) The Cards had a chance to get the ball back but on a 3rd and 11, Delhomme hit Jarrett for a 1st down sealing the game for the Panthers. They then ran at will until the Cards exhausted their time outs. The PANTHERS looked very good all day. Muhammad dropped an easy TD that could have changed the game early. It looked as if the Cards would be able to take advantage and win a big road game, that is until the wheels fell off the wagon. I think from a CARDINAL perspective, this is the best ALL ROUND team they have seen. JOHN FOX did a great job coaching! They were able to totally shut down the run, as well as, pressure Warner enough late to hold off the CARDS attack! While i didn't have a chance to see any post game interviews....I would hope the Cards spend the week practicing TACKLES!!!! Stop trying to KILL the guy with the ball and get back to wrapping up the ball carriers! Williams looked like Barry Sanders! While he is avery good back, the Cards KNEW they were going to run the ball, and were not even able to come close to stopping it! It will also be interesting to see if a team that wanted to be a "running team" will change that mentality to a PASS TEAM! James looked bad today,as did the run blocking. The Rams looked like a new team against the Patriots today....With no Steven Jackson! So, next sunday is looking huge now!!!!

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