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Posted on: December 14, 2008 7:10 pm
  Watching todays game I was suddenly hit with the title of this article. It came to my right after Hood ran back Rodgers-Cromarties blocked field goal for a TOUCHDOWN. I sat there watching the game all frustrated over the total team break down (again) against a quality opponent. Then they score off the blocked kick and suddenly I'm back in love with them again! Well, 30(game seconds) later the defense gets scorched (again) to make it an unsermountable 21 point defecit.

  My grandmother always used to tell me if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. Well then, this would be a very short blog today. this was a big game verse a team that the Cards are fighting for the #3 seed in the NFC. They came out and looked more like a team playing out the year. Flat on special teams(as usual). Unable to run....stop be when you are tired of hearing about that!! Even the passing game poor. Let me be one of the 1st to say this. Let Edgerrin James be the feature back again. This running game has been unable to do anything all season,sans a few games against horrible teams. Arrington is a good compliment and can play in a good mix.

  The running mess is as much the line as anything. Teams will, as Minnesota did today, pressure Warner all day. Unless they are able to establish some kind of a running game they will never go anywhere in the post season. More on this in my mid-week rant!

  What went right: NO NO that's a question! what went right? They blocked a FG for a TD and URBAN made 2 nice catches,the 2nd resulting in a touchdown. Other than that they,once again, made fools of themselves in front of a national audience. The game was on in the NEW YORK market. So we were lucky to hear JOE BUCK (ughh) question everything from LEINART to the weather.

  Missed tackles ran wild again! This is another rant for another day. BUT!!! How far will they get in the post season unable to tackle and unable to run the ball? The defense played so poorly that they made TAVARIS JACKSON look like ann ALL-PRO quarterback. Jackson threw 4 touchdowns, which was double the season output in his 2 other starts.

  So as I cringe at this 35-14 loss to the Vikings...I ask 1 more question! WHY IS WARNER IN THE GAME?? down 3 touchdowns....with 4 minutes to the CARDS want to hurt him? It makes no sense to me at all! They need to be smart,take the loss, and protect the team MVP!

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