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TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

Posted on: September 18, 2008 2:11 pm
Edited on: September 18, 2008 5:33 pm

When I compiled my wordy top 50 yesterday, I went through really and identified 72 (that I now bumped up to 75).  It worked out that I basically had at least 10 by position, so here's my call.  This will be less wordy that that post.  Let me know your thoughts.


This is my first  Blog post ever:

Here's my latest, this is my first ever blog.....  I have it split by positions first, then overall in the parentheses after the persons name.

This was a nice diversion from budgets/forecasts at work :).  Positions are either divided by where a guy plays most or where he's most ideal, so some guys like Rashard Lewis who might play PF but is really a SF will be in the SF bucket.  I might not be 100% consistent here, but it's my blog so let it go.

Also, for the most part rookies aren't in here at all because I am not going to judge them completely on hype until I see them.  They'll break in next season.


POINT GUARDS 12 of the top 75:
1. Chris Paul (overall-4)
2. Steve Nash (7)
3. Deron Williams (14)
4. Baron Davis (15)
5. Chauncey Billups (23)
6. Gilbert Arenas (27)--new injury news he might  be lower now, but oh well
7. Tony Parker (33)
8. Jose Calderon (53)
9. Jason Kidd (54)
10. Andre Miller (60)
11. Kirk Hinrich (63)--he dropped quite a bit :(
12. Jason Terry (69) plays SG a bunch, but a PG4me


SHOOTING GUARDS: 19 Of the top 75
1. Dwyane Wade (2 overall)
2. Kobe Bryant (3 overall)
3. Manu Ginobili (13)
4. Joe Johnson (17)
5. Tracy McGrady (21)
6. Brandon Roy (26)
7. Kevin Martin (34)
8. Ray Allen (35)
9. Andre Iguodala (38)
10. Michael Redd (39)
11. Allen Iverson (45)
12. Monta Ellis (48)
13. Ben Gordon (50)
14. Vince Carter (52)
15. Richard Hamilton (57)
16. Jason Richardson (64)
17. Mike Miller (66)
18. Rudy Gay (70)
19. Mike Dunleavy (72)

1. LeBron James (overall #1)
2. Paul Pierce (16)
3. Carmelo Anthony (20)
4. Caron Butler (22)
5. Shawn Marion (25)
6. Kevin Durant (30)
7. Tayshawn Prince (42)
8. Lamar Odom (44)
9. Josh Howard (46)
10. Rashard Lewis (47)
11. Hedo Turkoglu (49)
12. Luol Deng (51)
13. Richard Jefferson (55)
14. Stephen Jackson (61)
15. Ron Artest (62) has top 5 SF skills, not a team player though so he drops
16. Shane Battier (65)
17. Gerald Wallace (67)
18. Andres Nocioni (75)--hopefully he moves back up.

POWER FORWARDS: 15 of top 75
1. Tim Duncan (overall 5)
2. Kevin Garnett (overall 8)
3. Amare Stoudemire (9)
4. Dirk Nowitzki (10)
5. Chris Bosh (11)
6. Elton Brand (18)
7. David West (19)
8. Al Jefferson (24)
9. Carlos Boozer (29)
10. Antawn Jamison (31)
11. Pau Gasol (32)
12. Emeka Okafor (40)
13. Josh Smith (43)
14. LaMarcus Aldridge (58)
15. Luis Scola (67)--if he plays like he did in Beijing look out.

CENTERS 11 of top 75
1. Dwight Howard (overall #6)
2. Yao Ming (12)
3. Rasheed Wallace (28)
4. Jermaine O'Neal (36)
5. Tyson Chandler (37)
6. Andrew Bynum (41)
7. Shaquille O'Neal (56)
8. Marcus Camby (59)
9. Andrew Bogut (71)
10. Zydrunas Ilgauskas (73)
11. Greg Oden (74--my lone rookie) though we'll see what Beasley, Rose, Mayo and even guys like Tyrus Thomas, Conley, etc do....I feel weird putting Oden here, but folks are treating him like a superstar, so we'll see.  If he's 2/3rds what they say, he's easily top 50, if he's 90% what they say in his rookie year, he might crack top 30.....but there's risks.

Oh well, Let me know your thoughts.


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Posted on: April 18, 2009 9:02 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

whats with Rip??????? Nowinski should be higher, Kobe should be 2. I dont think yours is too accurate, actually.



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Posted on: September 30, 2008 10:40 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

Ray Allen didn't exactly play like crap, but he didn't play like the Ray Allen superstar he is either, and was totally redeemed by the Finals.  Look I love Ray Allen, I hope he proves me wrong, but age seems to be creeping in slightly and I predict by late next year he'll drop to the low 30's, which is still very solid all star credible, just not the top 20's he was.

Joe Johnson vs A.I.  A.I.'s numbers might be as solid as Joe's offensively but Joe is a much better defender especially these days....and seems to be slowly still getting better.  He's underrrated.

Wally stinks.  I'm sorry, but he does.....

I hate Rip Hamilton.  I am sorry, but it's true.  He's underrated in my list, I used to like him on Washington and pre championship Pistons, but I've really soured on him and will admit it. He's probably low.....he is still likely better than Gordon, but I think Gordon can get better and is better offensively....but Rip is the better defender, and plays with a better group of players (or at least more established).  Rip's the best defender of the 3, Ray's the best shooter....but Gordon is nipping on Ray Allen esque shooting and has one of the most perfect shooting forms in the leauge.

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Posted on: September 30, 2008 6:07 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

I honestly do think 35 is underrating Allen when you have Joe Johnson at 17.

Also Allen didn't play like crap in the playoffs. He had one bad shooting series, Cleveland. Even when he wasn't shooting well he played great D had a lot of assists, would drive for open layups instead of shooting 3s, and had 2 of the best rebounding games in his career in that Cleveland series.

He shot very well against ATL, Detroit, and LA.

Also consider his competition in your weak Eastern Conference playoffs.

YOUR very own Joe Johnson, Wally Sczcerbiak who was trying to get back at an old team, Rip Hamilton who went to the same college as Ray, and plays virtually the same style game as Ray and almost as well, maybe slightly less of a shooter but slightly better defensively, then he has to play Kobe ?

To hang with Joe Johnson for 7 games, Rip Hamilton for 6, and Kobe Bryant for 6 in the same playoffs is QUITE impressive. I think Wally probably also was not as much of a break as you would beleive.

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 8:43 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

I'm a little top-50'd out right now so I'm not really going to go through the list but just wanted to say, very well organized list! Excellent work: discursive yet accessible - very well put together list!

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 9:52 am

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

The Tiger Woods game is fun, and I'm a guy who hates golf.  My older brother rented that when we were living together last spring.  That was fun.  I was awful at it, but it was fun to play and for me at least far more enjoyable than regular golf (Golf brings up bad childhood memories of my Mom forcing me to play golf instead of letting me play baseball, basketball, tennis (whcih I really was very good at as a kid and that season was the same time as golf, and my Mom having 4 kids forced me into golf, even though tennis would have been easier for her to drive me to and I was actually very good at it and really enjoyed it as a kid)....I played a bit of tennis until high school when I permanently damaged my knees, running around with my friends as a freshman (after football and after basketball season) and swimming, which were all sports I was both more interested in, and likely better--or could have been better.  She kept saying I had a natural stroke in golf, which is perhaps somewhat true, but I really never found the enjoyment out of it, and being forced to play it in lieu of something I wanted to play (plus having us all go out as a family only to have my parents fight because we (with 4 kids) were all slow and other golfers were catching up to us, really turned me sour on it.

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 5:13 am

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA


If you know you will get sued, you start "giving" all of your assets as gifts to family members, etc. so that you have less then they take from you.  When you declare bankruptcy, they "give" the gift back to you afterwards.  That's what OJ did when he got sued by the Goldman's.

It seems that the hoops game is a bit too 3-dimensional for the Wii ... the golf game is fun though.

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 9:14 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

I don't get the x-box comment.....unfortunately for basketball games at least, I own the Wii and bought what has to be the worst basketball game ever made (NBA Live 08 for the Wii)....the controls were awful, it was missing several key players (I think it only had Oden, Durant, and really oddly DJ Strawberry (who was listed with superstar skills near 90) and like 2 or 3 other rookies (no Noah, etc).

The worst thing was the controls were 3 seconds slow, and the graphics--which I wouldn't give a damn about if the game was good, weren't up to par with other Wii games....

I was extremely disappointed.  I don't play too many video games either, but in the Chicago winter or in my busy season at work (Going on right now) I tend to often play mostly my NBA video game as a stress release.....and I sold that one back having tried hard to like it and then giving up on it by maybe Dec (last year was a tough year, my Bulls were supposed to be the darlings of the NBA, then my then new video game system--likely the last I'll ever buy--had one of my 2 games be just awful....

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 4:52 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

Sue meNot sure if a difference of opinion on the abilities of Rasheed Wallace has a valid legal basis for suing a guy but I will check with an attorney on this and will in fact go ahead and sue you if such a basis exists and I can prove it.  So you may want to hide some of your assets in the meantime.  Give that X-Box to your mom as a "gift".

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Posted on: September 21, 2008 10:00 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

sweet as man...check out my rankings and give me abuse if it makes you feel

But nah seriously check them out...

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Posted on: September 21, 2008 7:35 pm

TOP 75, Top 10+ by POSITION 2008-2009 NBA

No problem man (North Harbour) I was a bit surprisedas we've talked quite a bit in the past without issues.  Things happen, got you back in my fave's.

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