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Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Posted on: November 10, 2008 1:35 pm

Random Thoughts and Observations:

 1. The sea of humanity we could see ran approximately a 1/4 long and a 1/4 mile wide.  Now I know that was only one side of the stage.  What we were able to see was half or less than half of the attendees

2. Our vantage point was up on an embankment , on a 45 degree angle from the crowd proper shown on TV. All we could see were faces- , Imagine that sweep of just faces !! That is an image I can not  shake.

3 For early November, it was surprising that all of the trees still had not shed their leaves. Combined with the unseasonable warmth, it seemed late summer.

4. Idea of the evening: I suggested to my better half that we just " close our eyes, and let the words flow over us" . Ya know- maybe those Repubs. are onto something with their Messiah talk-- and i could care less, i even embrace it

5. Obama has a most forceful voice and has learned well the skill of voice inflection to drive home a point.

6. To me , the most powerful section of the speech involved the voter from Georgia.

7. My wife and I are still the only people we know who were there Tuesday evening. After having friends of ours brag on and on about the concerts ans sporting events they have all seen, we have the ultimate trump card for them all !!!

8. People I know who have no interest in politics and have to be beat about the head to vote; all remarked  on the speech and were all impressed to one degree or another.

9. Michigan Avenue was closed after the speech, and it is surreal to recall how we walked arm in arm down the midlle of the street.

10.  250,000 attendees, ZERO arrests.



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Posted on: January 22, 2009 12:15 am

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Back from D.C. --- all is well here, hope the same with you kth ....

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Posted on: December 13, 2008 2:12 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Good to hear, and thanks for the sentiments. It's a part of life we all encounter. Just enjoying the time I've got.

Yeah I'm a jerk that way.... LOL  But then, you know more of Obama than I do as well.

Politicians are corrupt everywhere. We've had our own scandals here. And we too expect it. I'm sure it's the same in most states and cities. Guess where that 'Bridge to Nowhere" was going? While it went to Gravina Island where the Ketchikan airport was headed, it landed on some interesting property. Former Gov and long term U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski's. Interesting coincidence huh?

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Posted on: December 13, 2008 1:45 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Hey Kth,

Everything hunky - dory here with me and mine,

 please know that i am praying  for you, your family, and for your mother .... i cannot begin to imagine how you all must be feeling right now; 

Great story on Sarah and I know that the word notorious was an incorrect choice,  she is really A-OK in my book, without her support and her considerable skills McCain would have not won a 100 EVs. I think back to when I launched an attack on her straIght out of the Dem. playbook and how you retorted that I had not the first idea on who she really is since I don't live in AK, and  that hit home pretty well.

It's kinda the same with Blago., we Chicagoans really do expect this type of behavior and take it all with a grain of salt. We pay a few dollars extra for the corruption and greed running rampant through ALL sections of state politics; but we do so only asking that the government works.. That are streets are kept clean, that the snow is plowed , and that when we go to certain places downtown to shop and be festive , that we are not mugged or shot . And we generally get that service for our tax dollars.I  wouldn't expect everyone to understand that, but that is how a lot of us like it ...and there will be many connections found between Obama and Blago in the coming days and months, i'll promise you that... I can't believe that the news of the election to President of a Chicagoan was trumped by Blago's antics, but that is what has happened.

Take good care, good friend ... again my best wishes to you and yours always



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Posted on: December 13, 2008 12:10 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue


My family and I are well. Hope the same for you.

I think it would've been hard for Obama to not select Gates. His strategies were working and if Obama selected someone else and it went south on him, he'd look the fool. I think he chose the path of least resistance, plus it helped with his argument that he wanted to "reach across the aisle." But then what Presidential candidate hasn't said that? It's kinda like that word "change". The truth is, the key players in Obama's cabinet are staunch Dems. They run the show.

I did find it interesting that the auto loans got killed in the Senate.

Bush doesn't stand a chance of doing much of anything right now. A total lame duck with the Congressional make-up. And the last thing someone would do in their position would be to betray their party by handing over the reigns early. I think the Bush's have been very respectful to Obama, but the reality is, Obama isn't President yet. I don't want Bush to hand the job over early, because I'm still scared of what Obama could do in a month....

LOL My Gov. isn't notorious. She may have been controversial for her views. And I believe much of what was brought up was straight partisan politics. Your Gov. on the other hand is what I would almost expect from Chicago politics. Which is part of the reason I am scared of the President-elect.

I saw Sarah the other night. My daughter has a gingerbread house on display at the Gov's mansion, so we went to the holiday party there. She was very gracious. She stopped my daughter and asked her if she wanted a picture and then grabbed a staffer to take a pic with my kids. My daughter was thrilled. BTW, she's not afraid to say "Merry Christmas".

We got another pic that night you'd love. Sarah had quite a collection of Nutcrackers on display. Which I thought was amusing. I did notice one had your name on it though. LOL

If I don't catch you, have a great holiday. I might be away some as my stepfather has to go get medical treatment and my mother needs someone to care for her. It will be nice to spend the time with her though. As I'm not sure if she will make it to Christmas. Her cancer is really starting to overpower her and she's letting go as she is exhausted from fighting it.

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Posted on: December 10, 2008 2:39 am

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Hey Kth,

Hopou and yours are all well and good

I think you should hold your thanks- 58 is plenty to get the Democrat agenda moving.... but I am glad to see you approve of Gates. My feelings on his cabinet and on my hopes for his term are summed up above. Obama has kept a promise to make his cabinet more bi-partisan

Bush could do a little more , IMO- and I think Bush can help repair his image by rolling up his sleeves and getting to work with Obama stat....Sure it may be unprecendented, but he is the President after all.

And, after today , which of us lives in the state with the most notorious governor??


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Posted on: December 6, 2008 2:47 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Gates was a good choice. But not sure about of few of his others. For the most part, it's team Bill Clinton. I'm not sure how that represents the  change he campaigned on. All I can say is, thank god the Dems didn't pull off the supermajority in the Senate.

Bush is in the lame duck period of his term and has no choice but to pull back. Gates was actually a good choice. I'll give Obama credit for that one. The fact is, with the national security selections he has made Obama is actually continuing George Bush's policies post-Rumsfeld. So is he a centrist or a change agent? We do know one thing though... He's not what he marketed himself to be. So how are his supporters feeling about that? Are you getting what you wanted?

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Posted on: December 2, 2008 10:18 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Hey Kth,

Agreed, with your entire post.

I find the sign mildly amusing, obviously meant to somehow influence the very dim; nonetheless, it is cheap grandstanding which leaves even me a little queasy.

Obama has stepped into the breach left by Bush and Bush's disappearing acts in regards to the economy, and IMO Obama has done credible work in the selection of his cabinet. As a Dem. it is not easy to endorse keeping Gates on hand, but I also figure since I voted for the man, at some point I'll have to trust his decision making skills .

Wife and I have our hotel room outside Gettysburg booked for the inaugaration (sp? )

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Posted on: November 27, 2008 1:13 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue


The economy will rebound at some point. But I don't believe that's the central cause of the divisiveness. People are restless and fed up with their politicians, the growing problem of "political correctness" which is infringing on freedom of speech, the evolution of our media to the point where we have almost "personalized" news based upon our political views leading us further away from objectivity, etc.

To be perfectly honest, when it comes to Obama, I'm actually offended by his "Office of the President Elect" sign on his podium. It's blatant posturing and distasteful. As our friends in India put it when he tried to talk to them -- The US has only one President. The direction of our country is not in Obama's hands at this time. When it is, then he will make the decisions. He doesn't need a sign to remind us of who he is....

I agree he's under pressure, but that's self-inflicted. At this time, I'm still not sure he's capable at all. And that's why we all watch his moves closely. No one knows if he is, or isn't, because he doesn't have a track record.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 12:35 am

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue


i would suggest that these times are similar to when Reagan took office, to me the change that will have to be almost forced upon people is the change in people's attitudes.

Reagan inherited a country that was devastated by many of the economic concerns we face today; a few symbolic victories would go a long way. Where do they come from? The future will tell, but I do think how Obama faces his first crisis will determine very much the future of his Presidency and the future of the Democratic party as well.

That is a lot of pressure for the man, but I do think he will respond well.

I dare to say that our country is in very capable hands.

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Posted on: November 22, 2008 1:38 pm

Election Night in Chicago- epilogue

Only 1,442 fires to go at worst. But I'm guessing the experiment doesn't make it that far beyond 730.

Hope generally diminishes when reality sets in. People begin to lose their religious convictions when they struggle, especially when they're cognizant that little has changed. The scary part is, we're more divided as a country than we have been in a very long time. And that division will not be erased anytime soon. In fact, I expect it to grow and further polarize this country.

I "hope" I am wrong, but all the signs say we're heading towards very dangerous times -- both global and domestic. All I can say is, I'm glad I'm way up here. Far away from what may happen in this country.

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