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Why Fielder won't sign with the Nationals

Posted on: November 29, 2011 12:34 pm

I don't think this is Fielder's only chance to sign for MONEY.  He is young enough (going on 28) that if he stays healthy and productive he will have another shot at a lucrative free agent deal.  He should play for a team that will pay him fair value and has a great chance at winning it all.  Of the teams that have been mentioned that would be the Rangers or the Brewers.  If the Brewers don't believe that Fielder is willing to leave and that another team is willing to pay him $25 million per year for 5 years or more then they won't offer him much.  I believe that Fielder WANTS to stay with the Brewers but he wants the respect of being paid like one of the top players in the game.

I don't see why he should be paid so much considering his weight issues, which affect his running and fielding.  But at his age his bat should be productive for about 5 years minimum.  With recent signings gone sour (Ryan Howard, Adam Dunn) teams are hesitant to sign big bats ( one or two tool players) to long term deals.  Fielder and his agent are just trying to squeeze as many dollars out of the Brewers because baseball is a business.  Players should get their slice of the pie.  Who's being greedy?  They're all greedy!!  Now let's put that aside and we see that it is in the best interest of both sides for the Brewers and Prince Fielder to come to an agreement on a 4 year deal with player option for the 5th year.  They should give him a $5 million signing bonus and pay him an average of $24.9 million a year.  The deal should be structured like Kemp's deal.  The first two years at a "bargain" of about $22 million per year.  The next two years at about $24.25 per year.  And the last year (the option year) at around $27 million. 

This is a TON  of money but if Fielder continues to produce as he has so far he will help the Brewers win games, division titles and maybe even a World Series title or two.  The team will win games and make 2 TONS of money!  Fans like to watch good games played by great and exciting players.  Players like to play baseball, win games and feel appreciated (get paid).  And teams like to win games, divisions, titles because winning translate into PROFITS!  Very few teams can turn a profit without winning.  But it's bad for baseball and fans hate when teams play only to "compete" and make a profit.

The Nationals are still not good enough to sign YOUNG & productive free agents.  Jason Werth was 31 going on 32 last off-season.  That was his LAST chance to make serious money.  If he had taken less to sign with a legitimate contender he would have given up maybe $10 million or more overall.  Who in their right mind would give up that kind of money just to sign with a better team?!  I'm not saying that young free agents never sign with rebuilding teams but it doesn't make too much sense to do that.  The Nationals are on the rise but I don't think they thought that Werth would make them title contenders.  Maybe Fielder would.  But Fielder has more to lose by signing with the Nationals than the Nationals have to lose.  The Nationals have to show their fans and other players that they are serious about becoming a perennial winner and that DC is a good option for future free agents.

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