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To Win or Not to Win that is the Question...

Posted on: November 12, 2008 2:22 pm
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To Win or Not to Win that is the Question, Whether tis nobler in season to win, or suffer through the slings and arrows of losing fortune...


The Bengals coming off their first victory of the season had a week off because of their bye. Us, in Bengals nation were able to enjoy two straight Sundays with out suffering through another Bengals loss. The Bengals play the Eagles on Sunday at Paul Brown stadium. They are a touchdown + underdog at home to the eagles. What Bengals team will we see this Sunday at PBS? Will we see the Bengals that got crushed by the Texans or will we see the Bengals who beat the Jaguars?

I have to believe the Bengals will come out and play another good game. Ryan Fitzpatrick had another week of progression and the Bengals finally had a little success to build on. Hopefully the rookies are starting to come of age and ready to contribute at this point of the season. I liked the effort that I saw the last time the Bengals took the field. They played with emotion and effort despite being 0-8. They were a transformed team from the one that took the field vs. the Texans.

The real question is... Should the Bengals main goal be to win football games or should they be concentrating on 2009'? What I mean is.. Should they start letting the rookies, like Collins, Simpson, Sims, Shirley, and Caldwell, see more playing time? If they win great but get the team ready for the 2009' season. I think they need to see what they got in these young guys. I don't think they should throw games for draft picks.. But they need to see how these guys perform. One of the rookies, Pat Sims had his best game as a pro vs. the Jaguars. Hopefully the Bengals finally found their DT that they have been searching for.  The Bengals also have to have their draft slot on their mind for the upcoming draft. Is winning football games at 1-8 the best thing for the future of the team?

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 2:33 pm

To Win or Not to Win that is the Question...

Here are my thoughts...  I think the Bengals need to get the rookies into the fray.  They really need to come along more if they are going to be effective next year.  This is definitely a perfect situation to do this where we don't have anything to worry about.  If we win games with the rookies in, then that's just a bonus.  At the same time, if we lose, at least we know that our guys are out there learning and getting used to the speed of the NFL.  Having Ryan Fitzpatrick in the game is good, because we'll have a back-up with tons of quality NFL experience behind Palmer next year.  Plus, it gives him plenty of time to potentially have surgery and rest up.  Another positive that would come from giving the rookies playing time is that we can figure out more of exactly what we'll need to pick up in the draft and from trades.  If some of the young guys start to really step up, that would be one less draft pick we need to use.

Another thing that we need to do is to put the running game on the back of Cedric Benson.  If he happens to be able to take the load, then we know we have our guy for next year.  If he buckles, and he can't physically take the load, we'll know that we either need to use a draft pick to get a starter, or get someone to run a RBBC next year.  There are going to be a lot of things that need to happen next year, so now is the time to start figuring out exactly what that is.

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Posted on: November 12, 2008 3:45 pm

To Win or Not to Win that is the Question...

Interesting question Dknow -

I think there's nothing wrong with the Bengals starting to rotate some of the kids onto the field to get a feel for what they're about in game situations. Maybe some could take over starting roles if they do well enough the last few games of the season.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of performance bonuses for games played or statistical milestones reached, it's hard to pull veterans off the field that may be playing fairly well if it can impact they're paycheck. Also, Marvin Lewis may actually be fighting to keep hs job, which will factor into his willingness to go with the younger guys.

But I like your thinking.

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