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Hope for the season?

Posted on: October 27, 2008 10:05 pm

You have to love the NFL.  It truely is a game of inches.  After the Redskins game I said if Braylon holds onto that ball and we hit a field goal who knows what I am typing.  If Matt Jones holds onto that ball in the endzone, who knows what I am typing today.

Derek Anderson bought himself more time as starting quarterback with his play today.  Can anyone remember the last time he threw an interception?

OK I declared the Steelers week 2 a must win.  I declared the Ravens week 3 a must win.  We lost them both. 

Was a season really over at 0-3?  Can they find a way to put it together for a meaningful playoff run?  They showed they can stay with any team in the NFL.   In the last 4 games since our disasterous 0-3 start we are 3-1.  No trolls can claim we were picking off chumps, we took good teams down.  This is the same Jacksonville team that beat the Steelers twice in the Ketchup Bottle in the winter.  The Browns led the whole game through a tough heat.  That was a previously unbeaten New York Giants football team on Monday Night.

A lot has been made of Kellen Winslow's absence during the Browns best games this year.  I will make more a different absence, the drops.  Nothing can stop a passing attack more than dropped passes.  If our receivers (Braylon Edwards) can start catching the ball consistently...

Time for a new set of must wins.  In order to make the playoffs the Browns will have to go 7-2 over their remaining schedule.  Not an easy task.  They also must beat the Ravens, Bengals, and probably the Steelers week 17.

How much time did DA buy himself with this win?  One week.  As long as there is playoff hope alive, he stays as quarterback.  No pressure DA.

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Posted on: October 27, 2008 10:38 pm

Hope for the season?

I agree that we have to win all the games in our division we should be able to win at home against the Ravens, and the Bengals at home SHOULD be a win, but we always know how that goes ie last year. Pittsburg on the road is always difficult, hell Pittsburg anywhere is always difficult. The hardest game on the schedule is probably going to be Philly on Monday night. This is a lot to hope for, but as I sit here watching the Colts game praying for the Titans to come back, only to hope that the muddled middle is s cramped that we win the stupid tiebreakers that they have this year as opposed to the Titans last year. There is a possibility that this year 9-7 gets you a wild card, and hell I'll take that any day. Another key game is going to be the Bills on the road, maybe we can play in another blizzard with them like we did last year. I like our chances in a ground game against them. So we will see and yes I pray that we bring it all together and we make it to the post season for the first time since 03.

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