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Browns Chiefs The Good the bad and the ugly

Posted on: December 22, 2009 8:45 pm
The Good

WE BEAT THE F N Steelers 10 DAYS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah we played another game after that and won.  To quote Lou Brown "we won a game (last week), we won a game (this week), if we win (next week) that is called a winning streak!"

A Browns rushing record for Jerome Harrison.  I like the kid I always have.  I didn't complain when he was benched though.  His blitz pickup was suspect.  Hopefully he has improved this area of his game.  I couldn't really say because we never passed this game.  Lets not forget he was also injured for the majority of this year.

I don't expect him to do this again anytime soon.  Not to take away from his accomplishment, but a decent defense would not have allowed that performance from him.

Josh Cribbs 2 TD's
(who remembered to start Harrison and the Browns DST for fantasy?  Not me that is why I am out of the playoffs.)
I have officially reversed my preseason stance on Josh Cribbs.  Tear his contract up and Pay The Man!  The whole extension idea is better, so the Browns org will probably go with that.  We got to keep this guy in Cleveland for the rest of his career.

Passing game, or lack there of.  Of course it is hard to get a flow for your passing game when the offense goes Run for 8 yards on first down.  Run for 8 yards on 2nd down.  Lather rinse repeat...what we have a 3rd down?  okay i guess we try to pass now.


Brady Quinn's injury.  What does this mean to his future?  He is likely going to be here next year.  He costs us next to nothing.  He has incentive to do well.  If he takes 70% of the snaps next year, he gets paid. 

I think we take the best player available with our picks.  I don't think that will be a QB round 1.  Maybe round 2 though.  Anderson is likely gone next season.  He makes too much for us to keep him.  The only way he stays is if he agrees to a large pay cut.  I don't think he does that for the Browns.  My guess is he goes to the a team in need of "journeyman" (even though he only started for us) veteran player.   
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