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San Diego Padres

Posted on: July 14, 2010 2:19 pm

Before we ask IF the Padres will get a legitimate bat to help a playoff run, the question is will they even look into it. I've been a Padre fan for so long, I would say 30+years. In that time, Jack McKeon was the only Padre management person that truly seemed to say "we need to do what we can to win". It has been so long since a real attempt was made at winning. Now, this year, out of absolutely nowhere we have the first Padre team I can remember outside of most of the team in 1984, who truly have heart and want to win. The clubhouse is gelling together and even though we have no big names other than ADRIAN, this team is finding the WILL to win. They truly want to win. They believe they are in every single game they play. And they are.
Now, it's time for management to quit using the 'small market' excuse, last time I checked we were the 7th largest city in the United States...not only that, I've seen teams like Milwaukee, Houston, Tampa Bay, San Fransisco make mid to late season efforts to bring a player or two in to put them over the top. It doesn't always work, but they try.
Now we have a Padre team that has the will to win, the heart to win, without much help from up top...and they need management to say 'you know what, we are willing to go get a decent hitter, like Corey Hart or Lance Berkman, or Alfonso Soriano and make a push for the division title'. Or at least sign the obvious player to a long term deal. I mean Adrian. He was born in San Diego, loves the city, brings in our spanish friends in San Diego and outside of it in Mexico to become San Diego fans...and he's 'too much money'. Get real management, we've been patient with you long enough. Get us a hitter, sign Adrian, and win a title!

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