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It's happened

Posted on: October 4, 2008 10:07 am
Well Rams fans, we saw this coming.
Linehan is out and Haslett is in.  I think some of the media people may have been right when they said that win or lose Scott was gone, especially going into the bye week without even being in contention in the first three games and having a disturbingly dismal pre-season.
I realize that our lines are banged up and not playing to their full potential.  I also realize that our "star" running back sat out for the opening of camp through what, the third week of preseason?  Player cuts and injuries further undermined the then head coach.
BUT, and there's always a but, what have the great head coaches of the past done when these things have happened?  They've rallied their team together with whatever motivation they've needed and at least been competitive.
I know that we aren't going to the Super Bowl every year, or even to the playoffs.  I remember the 80's and the demoralized feeling each year that ended with us below 500.  The heart breaking disappointment of beating the Eagles in Philly, flying back to LA (our home then), flying BACK to NJ to face a good Giants team and win the wild card in OT, then having to face the Whiners to go to the Bowl, only to be turned away and having Coach Robinson lament that he should have had the pilot circle the airport for three hours.  We at least were contenders!
Now we have Interim Coach Haslett, who during his 5 years with the Saints. went 45-51 with a .469 avg.  He did have 2 playoff games, 1-1. (Beat the Rams then lost to the Vikes.
Can he rally a mentally defeated crew into some type of rebound and get them on the right track of contending in games, if not winning one or two? 
I think that Hasletts first priority has to be to get the veterans to back him in the locker room and get some control and coordination into the team.  Our motto this year was "Believe". in what?  The former HC? Nope.  Each other?  Doesn't look good.  Our fans?  Well, we're the only ones still buying tickets, yelling at the televisions and living week to week with the hope that the win column will have something other than a goose egg in it.
Coach, I don't envy you a bit.  Sort of like the next person to take over after GWB gets out.  Coming into someone elses mess to clean up.
Good luck and let's get some wins and teamwork together!
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