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Posted on: September 30, 2008 6:08 pm

I'm a fantasy football maniac

I'm in two dynasty leagues and consider myself and expert.  The only thing I can't figure is why I don't win the Super Bowl Every year.

OK OK  I may know a lot, but not enough to win every year.

We keep anywhere from 15 to 17 players, have a plan B at the draft every year, auctions run the waiver wire, and a lot of money changes hands during the course of the season.

Pickin's are so slim into the second round that I ended up taking Ryan Torain broken elbow and all.  We trade a lot and I've already had two inquiries for him.  One owner wanted to trade Thomas Jones for him.  I have Favre (and Kellen for when Brett retires in 2022).  I had to decline, though I was very cheery and asked for some other ideas.

The leagues are TD heavy.  I have managed to find just about every vulture in the NFL.  Stuckey, Michael Pittman, Tim Hightower, LenDale White, L'Ron McClain.   I round those guys out with Joseph Addai and Marshawn Lynch.

Did I mention I traded a mediocre Lavernius Coles?  Guess who was in the lineup against me this past Sunday?  There oughta be a rule against that.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about players, matchups, or such.  I try to go through all the info that I can to determine who to play from week to week.   Maybe we can start another dynasty league if I could find 11 guys who are interested.  Who knows, one day this blog could go national.

OH  By the way.....  I started my year with a true heartbreak.  I'm a Patriots fan.  I have NO patriots on my team, but my heart stopped when Tom Brady went down.

I'm in two leagues with which I maintained my affiliation after I moved from Massachusetts to Arizona.  I consider myself and expert.  I really can't understand why I don't win the Superbowl every year!!!!!! 
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