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Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Posted on: October 15, 2008 2:37 pm

Whats up Lakers fans, thought I'd drop some recent news on our purple & gold.  I got some posetive feedback from my first report and the public will get what the public wants...Dateline: Los Angeles

Kobe to Greece, here we go again!

Well the Kobe to Europe Rumor Mill is at it again, reportedly a $60 Million offer is on the table for the Kobester with a bunch of extra perks. Along with the contract like a private jet, his own staff, a villa, his own yatch, the works basically has been offered to Kobe by the Greek Olympiacos.  I'm sure we have all heard this and might even be a little nervouse, lets be honest with ourselves, who wouldnt take that deal??  But I'm here to put your mind at ease at least for the remainder of the season, turns out that this may all be speculation...FIBA regulations doesnt allow any club to court a player that is under contract and Kobe is under contract for the remainder of the season until he can opt out in the off season.  I'll be honest if Kobe decides to venture elsewhere, I certainly hopes he takes this offer if it is indeed presented to him next year, I couldnt stand to see him in any other NBA uniform except for the Lakers.

Dr. Phil

As we have all noticed Phil has been tinkering with the lineup alot to try to find the right combination and its not over yet.  He has started Odom, Ariza and will even tinkered with Vlad Rad to see the best unit we can put out on the floor.  Not even the players know what Phil will put on the floor, when Pau Gasol was told by a reporter how he felt about starting at center, he responded "I'm starting at Center??"  I guess Phil is really playing god with this roster, but I have faith in God...I mean Phil, that he will put out the best lineup for us out there, afterall you dont win 9 titles, completely rebuild a mediocre team into a contender and not pick up a few things along the way.

Starting Space Cadet??

Maybe Phil knows something we dont, but looks like our favorite astronaut Vlad Rad has tenatively been given the starting job.  He will start this week vs. Barcelona.  Phil seems to like the way the team plays when Vlad Rad is in there although I suspect that Vlad will return to form and sooner or later Ariza will take that spot.  Its not set in stone that Vlad will remain the starter, thank goodness.

Lamar okay with coming off the bench

Lamar is flip flopping more then a fish out of water.  After initially being open to coming off the bench, he was then up in arms about it as to go as far as stating Phil must have hit his head on something.  Now it looks like Lamar is coming back to his senses (maybe he was the one that hit his head)  Maybe its the realization that this is his contract year and he knows that the Lakers have something special which he doesnt want any hand in messing up.  He has been mainly practicing with the 2nd unit where I think he can be a great candidate for 6th man of the year and his attitude has dramatically changed from the first couple of games where he looked lathargic and unmotivated.  Lamar faulted his alter ego "Odom" for his moment of stupidity:

"That was like my alter-ago talking," Odom said of last month's outburst. "Seriously. That's Odom. Not Lamar. I'm being dead serious. I'm a good locker-room dude. I don't want to be detrimental to the team, especially, like, how this is a championship-caliber team."

Whatever Lamar is smoking, please pass it this way!  Lets hope we dont hear from "Odom" again.

The Twin Towers coming together

Probably the news we have all been wanting to hear.  Prior to the season starting Phil didnt like the chemistry of our 2 giants saying they looked "clumsy" but as we all knew that slowly but surely they are getting better and looking better.  It's only a matter of time before these 2 will start living up to the hype.  Both see each other as a compliment to each other, both are looking for each other.  The couple knocks on them is that Gasol is trying to adjust to playing the wing where before he was accustomed to the paint and the other knock would be tranisition defense.  I think in due time once they really get acclimated to each others games, they will know when to to crash or who will crash the boards and when to step back into transition.

The Machine's ankle 

Turns out Sasha sprained ankle was a small avulsion fracture which will keep him out 10-14 days.  He is hopefull to get in a couple of pre-season games in for tune-up.  10-14 days isnt too bad considered "The Machines" replacement parts have to be ordered from Slovenia...thank you, thank you I'll be here all night!

Stalking Luke Walton

First thought that comes to mind is why Luke Walton??  Stacy Elizabeth Bashear, 34 was arrested for stalking Luke.  She had been following him to practice and repeatedly asking him to sign basketballs.  He did sign them but she continued to harrass him to sign more.  She then followed him around all day and finally Luke got a little nervous when he spotted and called it in.  Ahh yes how I miss the psychotic twitch of the eye from one of the many ladies whose hearts I have broken, just be happy Luke that you didnt have slashed tires in the morning...geez I never knew saying "I think we should be friends" would turn out like that.

Lakers renew at 99%

Lakers season ticket holders renewed at 99% even with the ticket prices being hiked up, wow thats crazy...I want to know who the 1% was that didnt renew, I have a suspicious feeling they were Clippers fans otherwise known as Lakers haters who thought they would crumble last year...oh those Clippers fans, they're like the red-headed orphan child that we adopted cause we felt sorry for them.

Ignorance is awesome!!

Especially in Redneck Minnesota!  Apparently some hill billy radio talk show hosts Chris Baker and Langdon Perry otherwise known as Cleatus and Billy Bob accused Magic Johnson of faking AIDS.  Magic responded to the comments they made as "stupid" but come one Magic you cant expect much from them, they have sex with their sisters and eat roadkill for supper!



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Posted on: October 21, 2008 1:43 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

War all CSULB grads. UCI and CSUF and Gauchos SUCK.Amen to that Nate!

Since: Dec 26, 2007
Posted on: October 21, 2008 2:52 am

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Also a csulb grad. Actually sprnt 8 years there 4 undergrad and another 4 as a part-time grad student.


Remeber the cottonheads. My favorite Baller at csulb was the Rock. I wish are basketball program was as good as our baseball.

War all CSULB grads. UCI and CSUF and Gauchos SUCK.

Since: Apr 7, 2008
Posted on: October 18, 2008 12:48 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

I think Coby Karl is on the bubble not sure who else.

Since: Mar 15, 2007
Posted on: October 16, 2008 4:45 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

The Pyramid definetley brings back some memories, I didnt stay on campus or in Long Beach but I absolutely loved the area...I spent most of my days there and Friday nights used to head out to the Yard House in downtown...good times!

Since: Jun 27, 2007
Posted on: October 16, 2008 4:23 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

My Mom lives on the corner of Atherton and Bellflower in that little neighborhood. I used to work for the Carpenter Center actually, I was just in Long Beach about 2 months ago to see some family and catch a few of the summer league games in the pyramid. Good times.

Since: Mar 15, 2007
Posted on: October 16, 2008 4:17 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Class of 2002 pete, gradutated the same day Stephen Spielberg did, got a BS in Finance and Int'l Business...hung out by the CBA building and made my rounds by the student lounge - pool hall junky and the upper campus food court.  Used to roll down Atherton and PCH on my free time checking out the promiscious sorority white girls and grabbing some chicken littles at the that brought back memories, havent been back in ages!

Since: Jun 27, 2007
Posted on: October 16, 2008 4:08 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Fine analysis, good notes (I actually did not know a lot of that was going on)


I just noticed that you've got a CSULB bannerup. I lived in Long Beach for a few years, some of my family still lives there and my brother actually attends CSULB. Are you an alum or what?

Since: Mar 15, 2007
Posted on: October 16, 2008 1:53 am

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Mike, I think Mihm and Powell are a lock as their services will be greatly needed, as for the others probably MBenga just as insurance in case Mihm wont be able to last the entire season.  I would like to see Sun Yue just for the curiosity factor and after that its a toss up between C.J Giles and Joe Crawford for me.  I'd like to see more of Giles, the kid has good size and has a decent game plus he looks like a younger Jay Z haha.

Foxie thanks for the feedback as for Kobe, I along with many of us would love to see Kobe end his career with the Lakers but there might be a realistic possibility in the future that a European team will aggressively court Kobe and it would be awfully hard not to take a second look at that the way there are other reports that its actually 3 years $83 Mil...thats just crazy...

As long as Lamar shows up for us, I could care less what happens with "Odom", it seems like he is finally playing with some fire which is all we ask for from him.

Lets not talk about the Clippers, I have hated them since I knew what basketball was...

Its amazing how stupid and ignorant some people really can be, I'm not even shocked anymore....and by the way I hope I didnt offend anyone with the hill billy comments/analogy, I was just trying to make a point of moronic ignorant people really can be.  Magic is a stand up guy and he is an icon here in LA which goes beyond just his basketball accomplishments, he is a great community leader and a great humanatarian.

Since: Aug 26, 2008
Posted on: October 15, 2008 7:52 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Hey Vic,

Thanks for sharing a lot of the Lakers latest news with us on your blog.

About Kobe heading for Greece: Well, I personally hope that Kobe elects to stay in the NBA, especially re-signing with the Lakers, when he decides to opt out of his current contract.  I am sure that many Lakers fans want Kobe back with the team!  If Kobe stays with the Lakers in his entire NBA career till retirement, he will eventually join the Lakers Hall of Famers Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy and possibly future Shaquille O'Neal in the franchise history.  Like you as the Lakers fan, I could not stand seeing Kobe in any other NBA uniform, except the Lakers either!  I would feel like very funny and not used.  Let's hope that Kobe elects to re-sign with the Lakers in the summer if he opts out!

About Lamar Odom coming off bench:  LOL!  You're so funny!

Sasha's ankle injury: Yes, I have just read news earlier this morning.  I'm glad that he is out for only 10-15 days, instead of a month or more.  He should be fine to play when the regular season starts.

Honestly, I can't stand the Lakers' rival L.A. team, Clippers.  It embarrassed me when the Lakers lost the first preseason game to the underdog Clippers by more than 30 points (?).  It reminded me of the worst and horrible embarrassing 39-point defeat to the meanest Boston Celtics in Game 6 of last season's NBA Finals.  I hope that the Lakers sweep the 4-game season series against the Clippers! 

Like I've mentioned earlier, I don't read a lot of the "nonsense" media about Magic Johnson or any other high-profile celebrity.  Yes, I ignore all nonsense stories.  For many years, I've admired Magic as one of the friendliest basketball players, either retired or currently active in the NBA.  I've always loved his friendly smile that inspires me.  That's why he is one of my all-time favorite basketball players, not just in the NBA.

Since: Feb 7, 2008
Posted on: October 15, 2008 4:52 pm

Lakers Team Report 10/15/08

Whasup Vick,

Nice job on your blog 

Who do you think is on the bubble? 

We start the season with a 12 man active roster.

  1. STARTER  /  G - Koby Bryant
  2. STARTER  /  C - Andrew Bynum
  3. STARTER  /  G - Derek Fisher
  4. STARTER  /  F / C - Pau Gasol
  5. STARTER  /   F - Vladimir Radmanovic
  6. BENCH  /  F - Trevor Ariza
  7. BENCH  /  G - Jordon Farmar
  8. BENCH  /  F -  Lamar Odom
  9. BENCH  /  G -  Sasha Vujacic
  10. BENCH  /  F -  Luke Walton

The first ten are locks,  but we get two more active and three inactive.

  1. F - Joe Crawford - Rookie first round pick
  2. F - C.J. Giles - Rookie     
  3. C - D.J Mbenba - 4 years
  4. G - Coby Karl - 1 year
  5. C - Chris Mihm - 7 years
  6. G - Brandon Heath - Rookie
  7. F/C - Josh Powel - 3 years
  8. G - Sun Yue - Rookie - Rookie


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