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Wow getting said......

Posted on: February 24, 2009 9:03 pm

My dad built a basketball goal  in our backyard when I was 9 . He said to my brother and I " I want you to play basketball when football season is over. " We always did what dad said to do.

I love college basketball no less than I like college football but I yearn for both when they are not around. As one might imagine , I being a Clemson fan have many more football stories than the basketball ones. Well, positive  stories anyway. The old days (my old days start in the mid 70's>) had the Tiger football team as the topdog , the big show , the circus in town. Not so anymore. Thanks to Oliver Purnell and some reachable student athletes we are looking at a new ticket and a new place for Clemson men's basketball.... and I really like it there. Purnell has GOTTEN THIS PROGRAM UP AND RUNNING. He  is right now in his tenure where this tigerfan hopes and prays that Dabo will be this time next fall ( fingers and toes crossed , then laced together with catgut for extra lucky support). Please Mr. Phillips pay Oliver to stay . We want you to stay mr. Purnell and if you PM me your address I will have a small donation to that effect sent as soon as I get paid again.

Alright the last sentence in the preceding paragraph was freaky if not creeping up on terrifying , but you get the point right ? I read an article today in the Charleston Post and Courier that had Oliver being unable to turn down an offer to take over at Alabama if they sweeten it to him. I had a Rick Barnes nightmare flashback where I totally and whole-heartedly felt good about Tiger hoops and then somebody buys a ranch in Texas and here we go again with the taste of brussel sprouts through my nose as I powerfully throw up and the pile makes the face of Larry Shyatt , which in turn stained my floor until Oliver came along by the grace of the Basketball Gods and showed me how to handle the floor thing.

I wanted to ramble on a few minutes to see if anyone was out there.








Is anyone out there as excited as I am about this new era in Clemson coaching? How about it for the basketball team. 

Here is to the same result with Dabo as we have with Oliver Purnell.


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Posted on: March 1, 2009 7:11 pm

Wow getting said......

I hear ya Chickfighter , I hear ya . Nice post and although I grew up in the lowcountry where it never snows I can sorta relate. We had a dirt court and I played many a day and night in the mud or mudpuddles .... Which are some of my favorite memories.

I am excited about the tourney , even after these two straight losses , and I cannot wait til' the next season begins with the team we will have on the floor and the young talent coming in !

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 9:41 pm

Wow getting said......

Ok, that was a bit of an odd blog. Wink

Basketball was my first love. I go to football and enjoy it too, but I played basketball. I used to go to the neighbor boy's house to shoot when I was little. Then I won $50 in a weekly football pick'em in the paper one week when I was twelve. My dad asked me what I wanted to do with a money and I said I wanted a basketball goal. I think pop had to throw in a little extra for the pole, but he got me all set. We lived in Missouri then and, as a result of me wanting to go out and play basketball, my dad got the snow shovelled off his double driveway regularly without complaint. You see my father was a clever man. And so is Oliver Purnell. He has brought a modern brand of basketball to Clemson and the athletes to play it. For the first time in years I can legitimately imagine the Tigers in the Final Four. Maybe not this year, but in the near future. That's very exciting! I can only hope Coach Purnell doesn't want to start over again because he likes what he has going here now. I mean the goal's up and he's recruited the kids who want to shovel the driveway. Go Tigers!


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