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Primetime for Broncos

Posted on: October 16, 2008 6:57 pm

Are you ready for some football???? I know I am. As everyone should know by now we have the MNF game coming up against New England up in Foxborough. This was a game that I had circled and highlighted furiosly with a neon green marker. The color green was symbolic and it signafied the good old fashion greenbacks. Cash money, dinero if you will. If you are a betting man, this would've been your game. The game itself has actually lost a bit of it's luster with Tom Brady went down with a season ending knee injury in week 1.  

It's too bad because The Broncos own a 9-2 record against the mighty Patriots since 1992. Being one of the few teams to have success against the Pats, Denver owns a 5-0 record against the spread and are 4-1 straight up since 1992. This game had upset written all over it. Ahh what could've been....

Now the tides have turned and Denver will enter this game as a 3-point favorite rather than the 14-point underdogs they opened the season as at the beginning of the year. I might be the only one who actually wished Tom Brady was playing simply because I feel the Broncos would win this game regardless.  

Denver plays well on Monday nights and I don't expect that to change this week. Despite concerns defensively and with injuries to key players Selvin Young, Tony Scheffler, and Eddie Royal, I think the Broncos will get back on track with a win. If history teaches us anything, it's that the Broncos flat out own New England.

 ALL Day's projection: Broncos 37 Pats 14. Top Performers: Jay Cutler 22-34, 325 yards, 3 TDs, Eddie Royal 4 rec, 86yards, 1 TD. Brandon Marshall 10 Rec, 141 yards, and 2 TDs . 

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Posted on: October 17, 2008 12:45 am

Primetime for Broncos

ESPN polls traditionally never favor the Broncos. I'm not sure if it's an east coast biased or not but by the audience they attract seems predominantly from the big sports towns on the east coast. It's funny to me how in contrast, most of the "expert" picks across the web lean toward the Broncos this week. 

Since Jaws will be calling the game on Monday, he will not be picking. It's the whole unbiased journalism code of conduct deal.

I may have been a bit over zealous when I said Denver usually does well on Monday night (thanks for bringing me back to Earth). Heaven knows I've been at a few Monday night heartbreakers. What I failed to clarify was that I felt THIS Bronco team being stacked with young talented playmakers who look forward to these Nationally Televised games. It's an opportunity to shine, and in this day and age, it's all about swagger. In my opinion, this squad is dying to create an identity as a dominant force. They simply have to click on all cylinders if they want to make some noise this season. Imagine the possibilities if they can play as a cohesive unit consistently from week to week....

I like the Broncos odds versus New England. Monday night only makes it more intriguing. Broncos............................


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Posted on: October 16, 2008 9:17 pm

Primetime for Broncos

ALL Day.  Take a look at ESPN’s (aka Eastern Spin Zone) web site, particularly the Monday Night Football (MNF) tab.  Eastern Spin Zone is projecting that the Broncos have only a 45% chance of winning and predict the score will be New England 24 Denver 23.  In the very next section below the projected score they list the spread at 3.5 points.  So, they must be betting against the spread right?  I guess not because the next topic has 7 of their 8 experts picking the Broncos.  Ron Jaworski hasn’t picked yet so it could be all of them.  So I'm not buying ESPN line.  I gave them one more chance.  They have a game simulator where you can make some assumption and get a final score.  The simulation also produces projected stats based on your assumptions.  Just for fun I plugged your numbers and used what the Broncos defense is averaging. The score was Broncos 31 and Patriots 26.  I do disagree on one point you made, I don’t think the Broncos play well on Monday night, at least historically.  Going back to 1992 the Broncos have lost 19 and won 12 games. – Go Broncos!

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