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NFL Nutiness

Posted on: October 16, 2008 11:53 am
This year the NFL is making about as much sense as France during a war. Teams who should be good are playing.... well.... not as good. The teams who should be getting pounded on are the ones doing the pounding. Remember the Dolphins at the Patriots? Ronnie Brown scoring 5 touchdowns was a bigger shocker than when Al Gore told us the world was ending. The Patriots defense looks like a kindergarten class could mow it over, while their offense, let by professional benchwarmer Matt Cassel is apparently playing golf, trying to keep their score as low as possible. The NFC East is a power division, but right now a few of the teams look like they forgot to pay their electric bill. The Giants were embarrassed by a Cleveland Browns team who, up until the game, looked more like the Syracuse Orange rather than an NFL football program. Derek Anderson was doing one heck of an Andrew Robinson impression up until kickoff when he suddenly realized Braylon Edwards still played for him. The San Diego Chargers are more up and down than an elevator at Macy's during a holiday sale. They lose to a Carolina team on the final play, get robbed of a win against Denver, crush the Patriots, but also lose to Miami. LaDainian Tomlinson is more inconsistant than John Kerry right now and the fans know it. And of course the Brett Favre saga continues. It's like George Lucas with Star Wars. Enough already! Meanwhile back in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is apparently doing pretty well for himself, but obviously not well enough to beat a team like the Atlanta Falcons, who won all of 3 games last season, yet still came into Lambeau and beat the mean Green Bay Packers squad at their own game. Oh, and those New Orleans Saints, who should be undefeated right now, but keep losing because injuries keep biting them whgere it hurts most. Not to mention Reggie Bush can't seem to remember what position he's playing half of the time. Oh yes, and don't forget Seattle. That mess gets ugl;ier by the game. No starting RB, no top 3 receivers, and now, no QB either. The rain capital is now the injury capital too. At least their NBA team.... oh wait, they moved. Well at least somebody had some common sense..... One last parting shot. Tennessee is the last undefeated team? The Titans???? Where the heck did this come from? Their defense is no.1 right now, and that's despite the fact that their offense... well..... there really isn't an offense right now. That is impressive that they can be 5-0 without scoring points. Either that or the entire NFL is just completely messed up. Yeah, that's probably it. Of course New England swirls with controversy again. Tom Brady's injury..... dirty hit or no? Even the players can't seem to decide, much less the fans. The only dirty play I'm seeing in New England is that of their offense. Let Matt Cassel do what he does best.... sit. Find another QB and maybe get your season tuned around before..... oh wait. Never mind.   
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