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It's been too long. And now a look into the NFL.

Posted on: October 27, 2009 8:38 pm
Well the 2009 NFL season is almost halfway over, and its been a season of big thrills and bad spills. Let's start with the ugly parts. The Tennessee Titans stand out in my mind. They are a disaster right now. Kerry Collins is finally showing his age and Vince Young is waiting in the wings. Chris Johnson is not performing terribly but LenDale White is performing at such a low level that one wonders if he got hit one time too many in the offseason. The Titans need a better receiving corps. Justin Gage will not cut it. More importantly, they need a defense. Last year their defense was a juggernaut in every sense of the word. This year they are a pee wee team trying to keep up with the big kids and as a result they are being left in the dust. This team needs a major overhaul. Bring in a big play wide receiver and put Collins back in the closet with the moth balls. How about the St. Louis Rams trainwreck? This team could give the Detriot Lions a run for their money in the which team can win fewer games conest. A winless season should not be possible with the likes of Steven Jackson and Donnie Avery at your disposal, yet this team, with the errant arm of Marc Bulger leading the way, is attempting to do just that. At least the Lions have a real number in the win column, and some talent that is showing signs of actually being a factor. Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford have a promising future if they can avoid the injury bug in the future. Both are coming off injuries that caused them to miss some time on the field. Now how about some good news for a change? The New Orleans Saints no longer bear any resemblance to the team that caused fans to wear paper bags over their heads only a few years ago. This team is the real deal and quite possibly is the NFL's best team right now. Sure Reggie Bush is still the most overrated player in football, but this year no one cares. Drew Brees is taking the big easy by storm, and the suprising Mike Bell is helping Saints fans (and coaches) forget all about Bush. In fact, Michael Bush of the Raiders is outperforming Reggie right now and he is playing on Oakland's joke of a ballclub. Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey lead a host of receiving threats for Brees and the Saints underrated defense is really setting the tone for this club. Look for them in a Super Bowl near you. The Denver Broncos are undefeated. Wait a minute.... the Broncos are UNDEFEATED???? When did THAT happen? With the mess surrounding Brandon Marshall and the early injury to Kyle Orton most people figured this team would be scraping for every win all year long. Guess again! The Broncos defense has been phenominal this year!  Eddie Royal may not be performing as a wide receiver but how about those two special teams touchdowns he scored against the Chargers on monday night football? This guy has some serious skills! Think along the lines of a Devin Hester alter-ego with Royal. The Colts are unbeaten too but thats not a big shocker. The Bengals are a big shock. Carson Palmer did a terrific Tom Brady impression against the Bears suddenly porous defense throwing for five, yes you heard me right, FIVE touchdown passes. And tell me this: who didn't love it when Chad Johnson (I don't buy into the whole Chad Ochocinco business) gave the cheerleader the football? I think every male on earth would like to be able to do that. Cedric Benson is the comeback story of the year right now. He was written off as a second rate running back on a team that would never contend for anything except draft position, and yet here he is with more yards than Adrian Peterson through 7 weeks of football! Brett Favre finally blew a game, losing two turnovers late against the Pittsburgh Steelers that ended the Vikings unbeaten run. Welcome to the land of "you suck" Brett! I mean really, did anyone think he'd run the table with his new team? He is 40 after all. Well thats it for now. I'll be back sports fans! Until then, I'm out.
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