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Week 5 Breakdown Review

Posted on: October 6, 2008 10:56 am

Well as I said the loss of Plax wouldn't be as great as some predicted. Hixon as I expected had his break out game. Unfortunatley his day ended a little early. He showed excellent speed and hands. What I was most impressed with was his route running. My wildcards came to fruition as well. Manningham was on the field made a nice play on the side line where pass interfence was called and also ran the bubble screen very nicely. Looking forward to seeing more from the young man.

Santana Moss, Santana Moss, Santana Moss ladies and gents. Finally brought something to the table. The first touch down was well run. He used his blazzing speed to create seperation and made a nice catch. I will say a lot of the credit for that completion needs to go the big Easy's way. He pump faked to the left sideline to give Moss that extra second of indecision on the DB's part. However, I was very impressed with Moss.

Well Eli came out and did what a lot of people thought he couldn't and that's survive without Plax. He didn't just survive he dominated. As I said in my previous post if you didn't know already he's arived. Let me take this time to point out that the O-line is continually one of the best in the league. They are so under rated it's not even funny. I believe they have allowed the least amount of sacks so far and open lanes a bus could drive through. How many times did BJ hit the second tier of defense without being touched? A lot.

Defense, Defense, Defense. So I pointed out that the Giant D is one of the most underrated in the league with the loss of our two  bookends from last year. I also pointed out the fact that they have taken two QBs out of the game already this year as well. Well they did agian kind of. First series it looked like Hasselback was done for the game. I'm glad he was ok, because it looked like he might have had a knee injury. I'm a Giant's fan but I don't wish that on anyone. We're talking career there. Tuck was blocked or tackled from behind depending on how you want to call it right into Hasselback. Well forntuantly he was ok in that aspect. He would later be taken out when Seattle threw in the towel. And that fortuante for them theres no reason for repeat of A. Boldin mop time where your starters get hurt.

The rest of the East:

Eagles- Plain and simple no heart. They had oppertunities towards the end of the game to do some damage but couldn't get it done. Can someone please explain what happend inside the 5 yd line at the end of the game. Dono was so confussed it wasn't funny and didn't call a time out? I mean was that not a big spot or what. This game is 90% mental and 10% physical and he made a terrible mistake not using a TO there. Anyway it appears to me the window has closed on the Eagles and they need to retool badly.

Skins- Nice win. A w is a w and that's what matters. They stayed strong and came away with the W. They still have a little ways to go but if your a Skin fan you have a lot to cheer about. They weathered the storm and even over came a terrible no call or call and then no call really strange return play not sure how they picked the flag up there. Agian a lot to cheer about there but they can't let themseleves get down by 14 agianst some of the other teams in the league (the Giants) they won't be allowed back in.

Boys- Ok so will the noise about the Giants barely beating the Bengals stop from others in the league. Probably not but thats ok. The Bengals really showed some heart out there yesterday but the Boys got it done. Agian a W is a W and that's what they play for. Some things for concern. Defense of the Cowboys is just not that good. If not for Ware and a few others it would be down right bad. Romo seems to be regressing he needs to cut down on the mistakes just ask any Giant fan they'll tell you all about it. Running game. You may be asking yourself how could this even be brought up. Well IMO they are using there RBs all wrong. I thought it was a mistake before the season and still do. How they are using MDIII is all wrong. He is not a feature back. His strengths are power and punishing running. As a feature back he loses some of that later in the game. Lets face it Felix Jones is a up and coming star. He needs to be the feature and move MDIII back to his role that he excelled at for so much of his career. I think the Tuna knew what he was doing.

Stay tuned for an update for next weeks games.

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