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NFC East Week 7 Wrap Up

Posted on: October 21, 2008 2:17 pm

Good win for the Giants this week. They win the games they are supposed to. This is what will seperate them from a lot of the teams come the end of the season IMO. To many teams are losing games they have no business losing. This will certainly come back to bite them in the end. So I didn't think the Giants would cover and they did thanks to a late safety. Good thing I don't bet the team I root for.

Some good things that came out of this game. Defense played exceptional creating turnovers galour. I did say that O'Sullivan was in a rough strech and he continued his ways. I also pointed out the West Coast problem playin in the East at 1 oclock and that continued. Infact I think 3 teams lost coming from the west this week including seattle's night game.

Let me start by saying that the offense has not looked good of late and needs to really get this thing going. Just a prelude into my week 8 update if the Giants want to win at Pitt they need to start clicking. With that said I believe that what you see from Eli is what he is. Troy Aikman called him a gamer and I agree. What he meant was he isn't going to always look pretty in his wins but he'll win a lot. It appears that he is most at ease when things are chaotic IE: 1:52 left in the superbowl down by 4. He Eli knows how to win games and thats what you have to love most about him. You may want to let him fall to 7th rd or later in fantasy but from a pure football perspective thats all you can ask for.

Continueing on the concern remarks I have to say Aaron Ross needs to figure somethings out. Its very odd I must admit since he seems to get tangled up a lot in coverage something you didn't see often in college or last year. Lets just hope it's a hiccup. On a positive note Chase Blackburn looked great. He even recorded a sack. Nice leadership from him last week. I think AP will be back next week though so I will be short lived. We'll need him to continue his high level of play though just in case.

Rest of the East:

Skins v. Browns-

First let me pat my own back and say I called this one said take the points. The Skins are lucky that Romeo has no idea how to coach in the forth quarter. Did he really go for it on fourth down? Two weeks ago he kicked a field goal down 12...Whats 8+3? Any way the Skins still barely pulled it out inspite of Romeo. In reference to my preview I said that Campbell looked a lot like David Garrard and man is that true. The guy doesn't make mistakes and that is a plus for this team for sure. I also said this was a defining game for these two teams. The Redskins showed they can still win after a bad loss and next up Detriot (good for them). Cleveland well time for a new coach and QB.

Dallas v. Rams-

Woo did I ever mis on this team or what and you know what it's my own fault. I wrote out this big long piece why the Roy WIlliams trade didn't make sense right now, because of the defensive issues and still thought they could cover without TR. Well you know what that D is worse then I thought. Also I was never big on the Oline. I thought they good not great. But this is two weeks in a row they have been just run through. I was chastised (spelling?) prior to the season for saying they were ok not great by a Dallas fan (I pm'd you and you never return a response) because of how many probowlers they had last year. To all Giants, Skins, and Eagle fans if you ever get this arguement always remember that the fans vote for these players. Like it or not the Cowboys are the Yankees of football. They have more fans then any other team. This doesn't mean they are the best team they just have a good PR strategy. Infact little history lesson. We all know the phrase "America's Team" we'll Bob Ryan, the Vice President and editor-in-chief of NFL Films, coined this for the Cowboys in 1979 started that ,because of their colors and the Cowboys really pushed it late 70's early 80's. One of my friends actually fell for it in the 80's I remember he was like I want to root for America's team. Well the moral of the story is 80% of their fans outside of Texas were dupped into rooting for them in a marketing scheme. That number includes second generations whose fathers fell for it.

Any way this team has tons of problems and it starts with thier Defense and ends with injuries. Romo will be able to hide the Oline problem when he gets back, because of his mobilitiy but this coach needs to get this thing turned around. And one side note Jason Garret isn't the answer. With the team positioned the way it is currently a kid his age has no chance.


 Hey you didn't lose right!

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Posted on: October 22, 2008 11:13 am

NFC East Week 7 Wrap Up


I'm a Redskins fan.



Now, I'm with you (and a lot of the other posters, it seems) regarding the Williams trade.  Take a "needy" (the best term I could use without being accused of being a "homer") receiver, add another "needy" receiver, combined with an "aging" backup quarterback, and this is supposed to help your team? 

Part of me sees the train of thought that the move will "keep TO in check", but at this price?  Pissing away a lot of the future draft picks for the team's, what?  Short-term success?  Hardly.  Long-term success?  Hardly.

Can someone (who isn't a Dallas fan with blinders on) explain the logic to me?

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Posted on: October 22, 2008 9:30 am

NFC East Week 7 Wrap Up

BBM- thanks for the support I enjoy reading your blog as well. I know exactly what post your refering to on the JJ move. I didn't post on it, because I had just had a spat with the same individual who was being so rude in your post. I checked up on him and he created a thread that seemed like he was about to break down and cry. Anyway Should be a good game I'll have a write up on what I think will go down with the entire east in the next day or so.


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NFC East Week 7 Wrap Up

I forgot one thing...

You're right - Aaron Ross has been very beatable especially on deep passes. I wonder if Pierce not available to cover those intermediate passes is messing him up, thinking he's got to overcompensate or something.


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NFC East Week 7 Wrap Up

Jokest -

Nice wrap up. You made some good points that I'd like to add my two cents to:

*You're dead-on about the Roy Williams trade. I was trying to join chats and even started a thread on the Cowboys boards asking the fans about a Jimmy Johnson interview he did on ESPNRadio last week. My God - you even question a Jerry Jones move and some guys will beat you down! The Williams trade didn't make sense and never will. All it did was make a bad situation worse.

*We're thinking along the same lines regarding the Giants: I've been writing about the offiensive struggles the past two games, and I think Eli got away with a few against the Niners. He could have easily been picked off three times. Hopefully he'll get his head out of his a$$ for the Steelers, but you're right about one thing: With a game on the line, 2 minutes left and no timeouts? There's no QB playing today I'd rather have under center than #10.

Keep up the great work!

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