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Week 8 Preview

Posted on: October 23, 2008 11:04 am

Week 8 is upon us and there is reason for excitement this week for big blue nation. Finally a game where we get to see what this team is made of right? Well this is good and bad IMO. First the good. As a Giant fan it's almost tireing hearing the endless blabber of how they haven't played anyone yet. The bad well if they win ( I believe they will explaination to come) does that take a little drive out of this team? I certainly hope not especially with the bulk of the division games to follow and IMO they are most important.

In regards to having not played anyone yet gets me thinking. What team out there would be considered someone? This year so far the usually supsects have fallen out of the Elite (Colts, Chargers, Pats) and teams who were supposed to be Elite (GB, NO, Jags) are not. This really started to dawn on me when I took a closer look at who Pitt has played. Lets look at some of the Division Leaders. The Giants well we can't play ourselevs that would be silly. The Bears & Packers are tied at 4-3 but are they considered Elite? Carolina & Tampa Bay are both 5-2 I guess we would consider these two top teams however Carolina got smoked by TB and they lost to the Vikings (do we just disregard and move on?) TB lost to the Saints and Denver. Are they considered good losses Denver held them to 13 points with one of the worst D's out there and the Saints are a far cry from what we expected them to be. How bout Arizonia they're 5-2 but are they now considered Elite and a quality win? If the Cowboys had beat them two weeks ago would we all be jumping back on the Cowboy banwagon? The four leaders from the AFC are Buffalo, Titans, Pitt (we play this week) and Denver ( see above). My point is there aren't that many teams out there this year that you say Oh thats a good win.

Lets move on to my keys to the game. I have two keys this week. One Eli needs to protect the ball. No brainer I know but let me explain. Sometimes there are good sacks (at least relatively). Don't try and force everything into Plax. Second is our DB coverage. They need to tune it up specifically Aaron Ross. Last week he was moved into the nickel package for Kevin Dockery. I'm anxious to see if that will be the case this week.

Two parts of this team I didn't indicate as keys, because they have become constants and I fully expect them to continue their good play. That's the O-line and the D-line. Contrary to what many have said this D-line is as good as ever. The main reason for this is the play at DT. Fred Robins is a beast and he needs to keep this up. As for the O-line they were completely over looked coming into the season and this has continued.

Ok so judgement time. I believe that Vegas mess this line up. I 100% believe that this line should have been Giants -4. I know many of you are going to hit me with the homer pick but I think the Giants win by 7. First and foremost I believe you will see a repeat of the Eagles game. Big Ben has a taken a league leading 18 sacks and the bulk came agianst the Ravens and Eagles. Quite honestly these are the only two D's they have seen that are any good. If you think for second that the Giants can't dial it up like these two did your kidding yourself. Secondly the Giants O-line is better than good and if Eli gets any time that shell of DB staff that Pitt will be running out there is in trouble. We all know and it's no seceret that Pitt is going to try and take the run away so they are going to expose someone.

Well no matter how this game winds up I believe that we are in for a good one and to be honest last week was a little of a let down for me so I'm excited about this one. It should be a close game going into the fourth but agian I think it will be to little to late for Pitt. Take the points and watch yourself cover by 10.

Rest of the East

I'm going to keep this short because the Giant breakdown was long and really Eagles and Redskins are not that interesting this week. Eagles should roll the rookie QB. They get WB back and there at home fav by 9 give the points. Washington on the road fav by 7. Tricky one but I would give the points agian. If JC can continue to protect the ball they should have no problem. Just keep and eye on CP's status.

As for Dallas vs. TB, Dallas is fav by 2. I thought this would have been TB fav by 3 but I guess Vegas isn't giving up yet. This will be a tough week for Dallas. TB is a good team with a good D. They need to protect Brad Johnson and if they don't they are in for another long day. I wouldn't touch this game, because quite honestly who knows with Dallas but gun to my head I'm taking the points. If TB had been fav by three I probably would have taken the points as well (never like going up agianst a home dog). Anyway this will be the game I watch at 1pm.

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Posted on: October 23, 2008 12:36 pm

Week 8 Preview

Jokest -

Nice preview. I'm with you; I'm not a gambler in the classic sense, so there's obviously something to the current point spreads on these games. But on the surface, how does Dallas get favored after getting smacked by St. Louis and Arizona? I have to agree with Pitt being favored by 3 though. Just because (a) they're home and they're damn near unbeatable at home - they're 14-4 at Heinz field since 2006 and 9-1 in their last 10 (not including the loss to the Jags in the playoffs).

I also see the Eagles & Skins rolling this week, but I think Dallas is going to win this week. I think they'll bounce back at home knowing they play a tough B team.

Great post - go GIANTS!!

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