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Posted on: November 12, 2008 8:01 pm
Edited on: November 14, 2008 10:01 pm
My people, you have evidently seeded our contestants correctly.  Round Two of the Hate Bowl Playoffs is in the books, and our Unsweet 16 is now the Hate Eight.  In the round just completed, Notre Dame (23-4 over Washington), USC (25-2 over Oregon), and Ohio State (22-5 over Tennessee) all came through strong with double-digit wins.  As they say in Little Italy, " 'Atsa lotta HATE!"  Our closest game was Florida State's three point win over Florida .  I guess they had one that DIDN'T go wide right.

In any event, now it's time for Round Three...the "HATE EIGHT".  The rules are the same as before.  You must pick a larger lowlife in each pairing.  Incomplete ballots won't be counted.  Keep in mind that these matchups are based on the ORIGINAL SEEDING that resulted from our "regular season".  I take NO CREDIT for the USC-tOSU or BYU-Idaho pairings.  Wish I could!

There's one bonus to this round...our "Name The Trophy" contest.  The proposed names are listed at the bottom of the ballot.  Just give me your #1 pick.  

I'd like to finish this round by Sunday, November 16 so we can march this along and keep some interest.  That said, HEEEERE WE GO!!!

Pick the team you hate most in each pairing...



#1 Notre Dame vs #8 Florida State  NOTRE DAME LEADS 27-15

#2 USC vs #7 Ohio State  OHIO STATE LEADS 28-14

#3 Miami vs #6 Michigan MIAMI LEADS 25-17

#4 BYU vs #5 Idaho  BYU LEADS 28-14


The Al Davis Trophy  3VOTES

The "He Hate Me" Trophy  5 VOTES

The Haterade Cup  3 VOTES

The "You Bastard" Trophy  10 VOTES

The "F- OFF" Cup  4 VOTES

The Detest Crest  3 VOTE

Nothing.  No trophy.  Just call it the Crapple Cup.  9 VOTES


Since: Sep 5, 2007
Posted on: November 14, 2008 12:23 am


#1 Notre Dame - how many more ways can I express my hate?  Ok, there's is just something wrong with a Catholic school having a drunk leprechaun as a mascot.  Talk about supporting offensive stereotypes.

#2 USC - U Suck California - I know, I used to live there

#6 Michigan - I know, I'm being redundant, but just because.

#4 Idaho - Ok, if ever there could be a tie in a Hate Bowl, this one might be the one that does it.  But Idaho ends up getting this one in OT.

Name the trophy...nope, none of them fit the bill especially for Idaho.  Remember back in elementary school when we would have Field Day?  They used to give us crappy ribbons (29 years later my mom still has mine in a box somewhere).  Well that is my choice for a prize.  No trophy, no cup, no plaque.  Just a crappy black ribbon with "MOST HATED" spelled vertically in cheap silver glitter with Elmer's glue drips all over the place.

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Posted on: November 14, 2008 12:00 am


#1 Notre Dame vs #8 Florida State - Simply because they are NOTre (worth a) DAMe. 

#2 USC vs #7 Ohio State - Tough decision.  But I think I am more sick of tOSU than USC.

#3 Miami vs #6 Michigan - Not really sure why, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

#4 BYU vs #5 Idaho - I hate Idaho.  I despise Idaho.  I can't stand Idaho.  Idaho sucks.  The only good thing about Idaho is the state that it is named after, but too bad that it is a disgrace to the state.  Idaho isn't worth mentioning, unless it is negative.  Not to mention they play Boise State this week.  And I am temporarily a pretty big BYU fan, since a BYU win over Utah would probably send my broncos to the BCS.  Oh, did I mention that I hate Idaho? 

Nothing.  No trophy.  Just call it the Crapple Cup.

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 10:48 pm


Now we're getting to the nitty gritty.  As for the name of the trophy, just put me down for nothing.  These places don't deserve a damn thing.

Florida State - Such a close battle with Notre Dame.  Should be the finals of the "Where 5-star Recruits Go to Die" contest (Lorenzo Booker, Jimmy Clausen?).  Because of the utter consistency of Florida State's obnoxiousness, and the tie-breaking Bowden points, the Noles move on.

Ohio State - For the fact that Andy Katzenmoyer existed.  For the fact that the Buckeyes threw the ball for a touchdown in the waning seconds of a blowout over Penn St. immediately after Adam Taliaferro was nearly paralyzed in 2000.  For the fact that the only time in my life I rooted for OSU, they choked against LSU, and cost me $700 in a bowl pool.  For the fact that Todd Boeckman is on the cover of my Sports Illustrated CFB Preview Issue, something that can never be corrected.  For the fact that they ruined the word "the" for me.  I'm serious, I can't use it anymore.

Miami - Remember when Najeh Davenport took a dump in someone's dorm room??  Remember when Ray Lewis was most likely involved in a murder and wouldn't provide the victim's family with any justice by spilling the beans?  Remember when the Canes blew the lead against Nebraska in the 1995 Orange Bowl, allowing Penn St. to get screwed out of the title?  Remember Brandon Meriweather stomping on the back of people's legs?  Most importantly, remember the time long ago when Miami's uniforms did not induce vomit in my mouth?

BYU -  Do people actually know how big of a scumbag Brigham Young was?  I recommend looking it up, it's a good time -- not exactly worthy of a university.  Also, BYU gave us Sixers fans Shawn Bradley.  Talk about blood being shed for atonement.

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 9:57 pm



Good to have you back, and thanks for the bump on the message thread. 

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 9:27 pm


Okay, durfish, I'm back from vacation and ready to give it a second shot:

Notre Dame - NBC loves them enough

USC - Again, why not? Everybody else'll pick them.

Miami - I'm from the South but don't claim 'em.

Idaho - You DON"T mess with God!!!

Trophy - Personally I like 'The DD Cup'...but that's another story altogether...I'll go for 'The Detest Crest', even if it does sound like a toothpaste.

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 9:27 pm


Notre Dame - As a person of Irish descent I am offended by the representation of my race as a bunch of belicose hooligans. I am also offended the mascot. What's up with the little Green Bast#%$ with the shalyley. If anyone disagrees with me you are codially invited to come to my place and I will punch you in the throat and piss on your dog.

USC - As much as I want to hate on Ohio State and bitch about it's prodigal son (Urban Meyer) I have to go with USC on this one. Why you may ask? What's not to hate? Most of all I hate how much pre-season cred they get. Like they are the NFL Developmental League or something. Last year when they lost to Stanford I laughed my butt off.

Miami - Last week I think I promised to give the Wolverines a pass in this round. Besides they are becoming as irrelevent as Miami.

BYU - I really struggled with this one, NOT!! I was talking with some fellow Utah fans at work about ideas for a mock of BYU's "Quest for Perfection" slogan. and came up with a couple of ideas. How about, "Quest for a Moral Victory", "Quest for Irrelevency", or my favorite "Quest for a First Down".

My Trophy choice is "The Haterade Cup"

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 9:12 pm



Outstanding, my man!  You need to be working College Football Gameday!

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 9:08 pm


Gotcha, TMM.  Next round is just around the corner!

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 7:39 pm


Hate Bowl Quarter Finals:

#1 Notre Dame vs #8 Florida State--In a fairly one-sided game, the shopplifting convicts from Talahasee have amassed a record 26 personal fouls, but their superior speed and athletism has dominated play nonetheless.  Notre Dame is behind by three scores with 4 seconds to play, when Charlie Weiss calls for the Touchdown Jesus Hail Mary, which falls incomplete.  Nevertheless, as time runs out, ABC declares Notre Dame the winner.  Unbeknownst to even the most ardent college football fans, Notre Dame advances to the next round of all games based on their larger fan base and superior moral code.

#2 USC vs #7 Ohio State--The big game is held in sunny California, as always, since Peat Carrol and his so-Cal crew can't stand the cold.  USC dominates play from the outset, as Ohio State's players and coaches are mezmorized by the hot looking girls, in short skirts,  waving pom poms on the sidelines.  Despite winning 42 to 3, Pete Carrol launches into a post-game rant, complaining about how everthing from high taxes to global warming is the fault of the BCS.  The rant concludes with Carrol tearing up as he says: "but for the media being hell bent on not seeing USC succeed, USC would win the championship this year and every year."

#3 Miami vs #6 Michigan--in a shocker, Michigan fires its newly hired coach Rich Rodreguez midway throught he first quarter, depite being ahead by 14 points.  After the game, Michigan's AD justified the firing by explaining that Coach Rod did not beat Ohio State this year and even if the team went on to win the "You Bastard Trophy" it simply was not enough to overcome the humilation of losing to Ohio State yet again.  All the Michigan faithful supported the decision, as it was clear that 13 games playing with Lloyd Carr's recruits was enough to evaluate Coach Rod's performance.

#4 BYU vs #5 Idaho--this game was declared a BYU victory prior to kick-off, as Coach Mendenhall declared that because BYU's players were "living right both on and off the field," God had commanded a BYU victory.  In the face of this edict from the heavens, there was really no point in playing the game and risking injury to the players.  Instead of watching the football game, everyone in the stands was treated to a bowl full of green jello and a large helping of funeral potatoes.  Not surprisingly, all rejoiced, especially the Vandals from Idaho who were happy to see that potatoes were served. 

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 6:54 pm


Here goes!

Florida State




No close calls at all for me except the last matchup, where I don't mind either of the contestants...

Name the Trophy vote: The "You trophy" gets my vote, although they are all funny!

Can't wait till the final four!


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