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Posted on: November 20, 2008 8:50 pm
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Welcome back, my friends, to the hate that never ends!  It's time for the "Nine Pins" Bowling for Dollars HATE BOWL battle for the Trojan Condoms - Summer's Eve "You Bastard" Trophy.  I thought it might be appropriate to reiterate some of the pearls our posters gave us about our two finalists...Notre Dame and Ohio State.

chfhookm admitted he got help with his hate for tOSU when he shared:
Oh, did I forget to mention that Ray Small's dad made my picks for me?UKnowMoreThanMe shared the Buckeye hate with this gem:
Do they know that their mascot is a peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate?  I mean, how "manly" can you be if your mascot is a wanna-be Reese's Cup.But WesinID wasn't gonna let Notre Dame get overlooked.  Per Wes...
I hope they form a conference with Liberty University, Southern Methodist, and Brigham Young, call it the Battle of Armeggon Division (B.A.D)BlueSpud2 illustrated the debates we all went through in picking the hard match-ups with this comment:
As much as I hate the U of I, I really hate the possibility of OStU stinking up another BCS game again, NT or otherwise.  Besides
Idaho can't beat a fart to stink more less get to a bowl game.  A real travesity is having Ohio State on TV after Nov.

The round of 8 brought more interesting observations.  WoolyUte expressed his opinion of Notre Dame...
How can you not hate a team that doesnt play well with others, hired fat Charly and still struggles and enjoys being called Golden Domers... sounds like a 70's porno to me! lol I had haunting images of Weis with a "porno 'stache" for days.  And then SOMEBODY (PanzerKoenigin) mentioned something about a thong.  And I'm STILL not sleeping.

UtahUtesRGr8 gave us the "play-by-play" on the Notre Dame - Florida State game...
In a fairly one-sided game, the shopplifting convicts from Talahasee have amassed a record 26 personal fouls, but their superior speed and athletism has dominated play nonetheless.  Notre Dame is behind by three scores with 4 seconds to play, when Charlie Weiss calls for the Touchdown Jesus Hail Mary, which falls incomplete.  Nevertheless, as time runs out, ABC declares Notre Dame the winner.  Unbeknownst to even the most ardent college football fans, Notre Dame advances to the next round of all games based on their larger fan base and superior moral code.When WestlandUte chimed in with this I had much confidence in the Irish making the final.
As a person of Irish descent I am offended by the representation of my race as a bunch of belicose hooligans. I am also offended the mascot. What's up with the little Green Bast#%$ with the shalyley. If anyone disagrees with me you are codially invited to come to my place and I will punch you in the throat and piss on your dog.But alas, all of the hate didn't go Notre Dame's way.  byu sranje kura made this argument AGAINST tOSU's strength of schedule:
it's just too bad that they won't be able to get blown out 3 years in a row in the ncg.  I guess that's what they get for scheduling 1 good team this year.  Should have played Toledo instead of USC.  Guess there's always next year.So here we are.  The final round of HATE BOWL 2008.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...Place your votes here!



You be the judge.  I'll take votes through Sunday, November 23.


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Posted on: November 21, 2008 6:17 pm


As a Notre Dame student, and die-hard Irish fan I had no idea anybody disliked Our Lady's University. The greatest university known to man also happens to field the most storied football team in the nation, with the best fight song ever, and real gold in their helmets. How can anybody hate a team with real gold in their helmets? You must all be socialists who hate gold!

My vote is for Ohio State!

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Posted on: November 21, 2008 4:14 pm


Thanks, Stuboski.  It's all about what's in your heart.

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Sorry.  Make that "thesis". 

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I bow to your genius.

By the way, I have a degree in workforce education, and none of my courses covered the "sticker motivation method".  Maybe I can use it for my thesus!

Sorry to hear about Ray Smalls' dad.  If you cut off his water ration, he'll choke on the dry Ramen.

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You need to be writing this stuff for a paycheck!  OUTSTANDING!!!!

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Hey, now.  Let's not confuse us Irishmen with the "Fighting Irish".  And all of us aren't drunk. 

LOL!  Thanks for pitching in.

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Posted on: November 21, 2008 12:41 pm


Notre Dame  In my heart they will always be bastards.

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Posted on: November 21, 2008 12:03 pm


Ohio State

Sometimes as a fan you lose your way.  You forget why it is you became a fan of your team or sports in general.  As a Michigan fan this year, there have been moments when I have wondered why in the world I am a Wolverine fan.  Well... I went to the OSU-Illinois game the other day.  Consider my memory refreshed as to why I hate everything about Ohio State.  The fans, the players, the mascot, the helmet stickers, the THE.
The fans:  Classin' it up all the way.  Besides the usual, abundant, trash talk at the stadium, there were comments such as "we send more guys than you to the NFL" and "we won the championship in 2002."  They don't know how to respond when you tell them that their school spends more money on athletics than any school in the country while some universities actually, ya know, spend some money on books and classroom resources.  They also don't like it when you tell them that the Miami victory was tainted.  Plus, spelling out the word, Ohio?  Really?  You have the least letters of any state in the goddamn Union, and you still take pride in spelling it out??  Try spelling Connecticut or something, that would weed out the boys from the men.  I know more than I'd like to about this fan base... my only confusion... why aren't there more #13 jerseys in the crowd anymore?
The players:  Which brings us to the players.  Just in my short life of fandom, there have been the glorious pride of Buckeyes who have adorned the cover of Sports Illustrated with the question pondered if they can pass a golf class, Buckeyes who have played with 0.0 GPAs, heisman winners who were former NCAA delinquents, players who injured their All-American in the National Championship game because of their obnoxious celebration, and of course the phenomenons who drive around with loaded weapons and bulletproof vests and open bottles of "the Goose."
The mascot:  The highlight of my day Saturday was watching the little Nut almost get blown away trying to carry the flag in the 20 mph wind.  Poor little fella was really struggling out there, only for the grace of God did he not get blown over and have the giant flag with a picture of an O and a little leaf decapitate someone.
The helmet stickers:  Listen, I get it.  I have a degree in early childhood education.  I get the whole rewarding good deeds by giving them stickers.  Unfortunately, it is better that children are taught that success and doing the right thing is its own reward.  A simple "good job, I'm proud of you" does the trick for 5 year olds.  Apparently, though, the 18-22 year old man-children need stickers on the helmets to motivate them to throw that block downfield.  Adorable.

And to add insult to injury, Ray Small's dad seriously said he would stay over a COUPLE OF DAYS.  The man won't leave.  He wakes up at 1 pm, eats all of my Ramen, borrows my headphones without asking, and won't stop calling my cellphone and interrupting my work.  If I didn't know any better, I'd think that bastard is trying to ruin my career.

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Posted on: November 21, 2008 1:09 am


Well here we are.... we have finally arrived at that beloved place of hate.. a place where when we say "You Bastard" we really mean it... both teams so deserving... and you could make a serious case for either that I believe would stand up through a vigorous US judicial review all the way to the supreme court!   But alas only one can stand before the nation of college football and say "Damn they hate us.. they really hate us!!!" 

So who do I vote for.. well oddly enough if you tracked my voting record at all you might find my final vote a bit eskew!  However, it really isn't it was all part of the master plan as I knew all along this team would arrive here today! 

Why are they here?  Ahhh so many thing to say and so little time... but lets point out a few shall we?

First lets look at if from a fan.. pick your team.. it doesnt matter what team you pick. at some point this had to be your view.. surely at some time over the last 10 years you have said "what? they are in a bowl game and we arent?  Or What they are in that bowl game over my team?"  All because some TV exec decided he wanted to pipe into approx 1.1 billion catholics couldnt be all that bad...  oh ya and dont forget that over that spread they are 0-9 in those bowl game.. 0-10 if they make it into one this year.. oh ya thats right they are Notre Dame of course they will!

Rudy... the Movie.. need I say more? lol  

TD Jesus.. I dont know about you but somehow I just dont see Jesus showing up anytime soon and making sure he hits a ND game where he Throws his hands in the air and hollers TOUCH DOWN!!  Over say poverty stricken and hungry children of the world! 

Regis Philbin.. ughhh!

And as I said before they call themselves the Golden Domer... *Cue the 70's porno music*  Boom chicka wow wow

Notre Dame of course gets my vote!!!

(No golden domers were harmed in the making of this post and no real ill will is intended or directed at any particular golden domer and all characters portrayed are fictional characters and any actual semblance of actual characters was purely coincidental especially Regis) lol

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Posted on: November 20, 2008 10:25 pm


This is tough a drunking Irishman that has every high school all american on it's team yet can't win

 or a flipping tree know one has ever heard of  that can't buy a championship to save their fugly cheerleaders from getting knocked up on homecoming.


We'll go with the drunking Irishmen Please.  Just becasue someone has to win OR can their be a tie in NCAA??? Hey McNabb...

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