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NFL Judgements, Rulings and Pre-Trials!!!

Posted on: October 16, 2008 11:04 am
All rise the Honorable Judge VCLAW presiding!  You may be seated.

First order of business:  The court would like to apologize to the jury and the public for the delay in posting.  However due to the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday the Court has decided to allow the public and the jury to decide what the key trials were in week six and what ones we should watch for in week seven. 

Remember when considering the evidence my friends there is a lot to choose from out there.  You have Brad Childress almost getting booed out of the Viking ship although they still find a way to win and stay in the division race.  You also have 5 games coming down to last second Field Goals, The Arizona Cardinals in First, The Dallas Cowboys Debacle, And the Tennessee Titans are the only remained undefeated team, wow wow wow. 

So There you have it folks, it is up to you what is it going to be, What were the best games of week six and the key factors to them?  And what should we look forward to week seven?

The Verdict:The court is guilty of being hung over due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada so the vedicts will be posted by the jury in the comments section!!!

Court is now in Recess!!!
The Law has spoken!!!!
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Posted on: October 20, 2008 2:48 pm

NFL Judgements, Rulings and Pre-Trials!!!

Good afternoon your Honor Judge Claw, the pretenders really showed their stripes this week. As the Prosecuting Attorney for the Country I accept the guilty pleas of the Colts, Patriots, Cowboys and yes, the Chargers.  I also cannot grant a plea bargin to the San Diego Super-Chargerless Team, when questionably, the top running-back in the country is held to 41 yds on 14 carries, and the recieving corps is held under 200 yds. combined, I ask for the maximum penalty allowable.   As for the Cowboys, being banged up and having off field distractions is no excuse, just look at Pittsburgh and what their accomplishing with their injuries, ignorance is no excuse of the law, and owner Jerry Jones should have known better, so no plea bargin for them either and the prosecution asks for the maximum penalty for them also.  If it please the court, may I ask for an adjournment on the NFC South case, as I am out of town again trying to get evidence on the Washington Redskins as being true contenders.    The Prosecution Rests.

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Posted on: October 20, 2008 11:19 am

NFL Judgements, Rulings and Pre-Trials!!!

You have your hands full for the week 7 docket Judge Claw.  So many teams guilty of posing as contenders, Colts, Chargers, Cowboys just to name a few.  There also is the teams guilty of robbing their fans their hard earned money to support their futility, Chiefs, Bengals, and Lions.  Then you have some teams that sucessfully scraped off the dirt that was kicked on them the previous week, Packers and Ravens.

The AFC North is the only division, in this jurors opinion, that resembles anything close to the way we thought it would play out.

AFC East Buffalo is leading the Partiots by a gam and a half

AFC South Tiatans dominating, the Colts 3 games back and Jags in their typical 2nd spot.

AFC West Broncos leading the Chargers by a game and a half

NFC East, I think we thought it would be between The Giants and Cowboys.  The Giants lead but the Cowboys in 3rd with the surprising Redskins in the 2nd spot.

NFC Central Who wants it?  The leaders are tied barely over .500

NFC South I thought the Saints would be in the thick of things with a high powered offense, but they are in last behind the Falcons.  If only Brees could play defense too.

NFC West  This has always been the Seahawks playground, but they are in last and the Cardinals have a 2 game lead.

The court awaits Judge Claw.

Juror RR signing off 

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Posted on: October 16, 2008 3:04 pm

NFL Judgements, Rulings and Pre-Trials!!!

Excellent points!!! With comments like that River you might soon be appointed to the court as well!!!

I myself can not wait to see if the Chargers can be consistent and pull off another much needed this weekend on the road in Buffalo.  The Colts as well for that matter do have to go into Lambeau Field and face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but Peyton and company looked like they found their step again.  I think Jim Zorn and his Washington Redskins will be in tougher than they think this weekend against a Browns team that has once again established that Derrick Anderson when on is really worth the money, however with Brady Quinn right there behind him he better keep it up.  Great points to look forward too, thank you for the input my friend River.

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Posted on: October 16, 2008 2:29 pm

NFL Judgements, Rulings and Pre-Trials!!!

Week 6 

The demise of a Bradyless Patriots team,  The Redskins whiffing on the underhand toss, The awakening of the Chargers and Colts

Week 7

Are the Colts and Chargers back?  The Chargers have a cross country trip to visit a rested and tough Buffalo team and the Colts traveling to the (not quite) frozen tundra against a good Packers squad.

Can Dallas survive without Romo, Felix and Pacman, or will the Rams surprise with win #2.

Can the surprising Cardinals open up a 3 game lead while sitting at home with the rest of their division foes in tough matchups.

Can an humbled Washington team get their swagger back, or do the Browns already have theirs back after dismanteling the Super Bowl champ.

Will the Broncos regain their offensive firepower against the struggling Patriots.

These and many other questions will be answered this weekend on Week 7 NFL. 

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